Grab driver gives passenger a mic to sing karaoke

Most passengers rarely have a conversation with a cab driver while they’re on the way to their destination.

However, if you take this Grab taxi in Thailand, you’ll probably not be able to remain in silence for the whole ride. This driver certainly appears to know the trick to keep you entertained and sing along to the song that’s being played.

Read on for a hilarious story of a passenger who was handed a mic by Grab driver to sing karaoke.

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Passenger sings karaoke in Grab taxi

A Thai user, Songpon Hompana, wrote about his atypical cab experience in a Facebook post while using Grab’s service on Friday, 22nd April.


His impromptu karaoke experience took place in a Grab taxi while Songpon was on the way to work in the middle of the night. The OP was asked by Grab driver if he wanted to sing a song.

karaoke in Grab taxi
Image credit: Songpon Hompana

Once the OP answered “hell yeah”, the taxi driver handed over a microphone to Songpon and turned his taxi into a moving karaoke bar – complete with strobe lights.

karaoke in Grab taxi
Screenshot: Songpon Hompana

From the clip, it’s obvious that the OP did appear to enjoy singing karaoke so much so that he wished the car ride had been longer.

He even shared that he would hire this Grab driver to escort him all the way to his hometown in Nakhon Ratchasima if he had the chance.

Kudos to this Grab driver for making the ride fun

We think this heartwarming story is a meaningful one. With a simple gesture, the Grab driver showed us that it’s possible to keep passengers entertained while taking them to their destinations.

While you’re on the roads, definitely look out for this happening cab if you hear the familiar strains of your favourite karaoke song.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): Songpon Hompana

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