CP denies overpriced masks accusations

For the past weeks, netizens have been calling out CP-All for selling overpriced face masks online. They claimed that the CP mask ฿6 (~USD0.20) price tag does not follow the law that limits the price point to no more than ฿2.50 (~USD0.083 ).  

Twitter Call our accusation on CP for overpriced masks

Translation: “At first, the gov exempted their taxes because CP said they did it for the people,” said one of the netizens’ call-outs on overpriced CP masks. “Now they sell it to the people for ฿6.”

Image credit: OldMan_b1

On 5th January 2021, CP-All published an official statement in response to numerous call-outs of their overpriced face masks. The statement aims to explain and justify their facemask price tag.

Technically, it is not a surgical mask

Most call-outs on social media mentioned the law limiting surgical masks’ price to be no more than ฿2.50. The CP-All statement, however, explains that their masks are not technically surgical masks by definition. Hence, they can sell them at any price they want.


CP-All’s official statement explains that the law only applies to surgical mask price tags.
Image credit: CPALL Facebook Page

Ensuring the availability and affordability of face masks

The statement concludes with CP-All’s reassurance of their compliance with the government. It also says that CP-All will ensure everyone has access to their affordable face masks in this troubled time. 

Here’s another story of masks being sold at a markup.

Featured image adapted from: CP-All Facebook Page

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