Rite of passage for digital nomads

Digital nomad culture has become a thing within the recent years. There are many who have broken the 9-5 traditional office rule and travel around the world with their laptops.

Chiang Mai has become a digital nomad haven and is one of the top places for remote workers, as told by the Big 7 Travel via The Thaiger.

The city tops #5 amongst the “50 Best Place for Remote Working in 2021” for its cheapness, easy breezy visas, fast wifi, and its chillax vibe. Plus, $300 – $400 is enough for rent in the city centre.

No digital nomad visa in Thailand yet

Chiang Mai Top 5 For Digital Nomads
Thai visa page example
Image credit: The Visa Project

There are no digital nomad visas yet. However, here’s the secret to tweaking long term stays in the Kingdom: getting on an educational visa or volunteer visa. For visa details, giving the nearest Thai Embassy a ring and shooting an email is most reassuring. 

Additionally, the Thai Board of Investment (BOI), recently asked the cabinet for changes to the Smart Visa. The Board asked that foreign remote workers be considered. The proposed visa can allow up to a 4 year stay, however, there hasn’t been any action for the proposal. 

The Smart Visa programme is originally designed for investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, and start ups to begin their ambitious journey in Thailand. The visa application is accessible online and requires no paperwork.

Chiang Mai Top 5 For Digital Nomads

The Smart Visa application guideline
Image credit: BOI

In order to get a visa, there are specific qualifications that the person has to meet.

A great digital revolution 

The pandemic may be a pain to many but has shed light on something many businesses had to see – traditional office setups have become so 2019. Work from home is the new deal.

Humans have a right to move freely and earn a living however they want. Let’s hope for a great digital revolution in the workforce.

Featured images adapted from: Where Can I.Live, Sweet Escape 

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