Cheesy kebab pizza in Suanluang Square

Burn Cheese is a humble eatery in Suanluang Square, a food avenue tailored for students and folks nearby. Though it has been open for some time, the restaurant is putting itself on the BKK food map with its super cheesy kebab pizza. 

What to order at Burn Cheese

Kebab Pizza Beef (฿180, ~USD5.70) was the first thing we ordered. Its fluffy dough comes topped with sliced cabbage, tomatoes, roasted beef, and torched mozzarella. Then, ketchup, homemade mayonnaise, and garlic sauce is drizzled all over.   

This was our favourite item because the dough was soft, the beef was juicy, the vegetables were crispy, and they all went well with flavourful sauces.

Another item we had was a classic Chicken Kebab (฿80, ~USD2.55), a wrap stuffed with lean roasted chicken and the same ingredients as the pizza. This one is perfect for those who want something a little healthier.

While waiting for your main dishes, you can much on Corn Cheese (Small: ฿40, ~USD1.25| Large: ฿80, ~USD2.55), sweet corn with croutons topped with torched mozzarella.

For some extra spice, you can ask for their homemade chilli sauce to add into your dishes – watch out, it’s fiery.  

Can’t get enough of stringy mozzarella? Worry not. You can add the extra cheese in both classic kebab and pizza items from level 1 to 5. Each level costs ฿20 (~USD0.65) so you can add up to ฿100 (~USD3.20).

 Grab a quick, hearty bite

All in all, Burn Cheese is quite creative and fun for adding cheese into our everyday kebabs. And you certainly can’t miss it – especially if you’re a cheese lover. 

Give this new generation of kebab a whirl anytime you’re in inner Bangkok since the place is near National Stadium BTS, which is located next to Siam. 

Burn Cheese
Address: 59/6 Suanluang Square Chulalongkorn 12, Wang Mai, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330
Opening Hours: 11AM – 8PM, Daily
Nearest Train Station: National Stadium BTS
Telephone: +66-64-536-6664

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