Blue Whale Cafe in Bangkok

With the pandemic swirling around our heads, it’s no wonder so many of us have been feeling blue lately. Some hop to cafes for a quick pick-me-up, and Blue Whale Cafe is just the cafe for you to visit with your buddies to share some happiness together.

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Too blue to feel blue

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This small cafe is located in a narrow, blue tenement house with three floors – cozy for a small group of friends and family. Plus, it’s well-loved among the cafe hopping community for its beautiful aesthetics, so you know you’re in for a chill time.

blue whale cafe mural
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Inside, the walls are tiled from bottom to top in blue and white, with a whale on the wall to give you a deep sea vibe.

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blue whale cafe loft
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The third floor is especially snug for customers, with tables where you’re sitting cross-legged on cushions and in pairs. The skylight lets in a bit of sunlight so that the attic floor looks just as bright up here as downstairs.  

blue whale cafe drinks
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The cafe’s signature drink Butterfly Pea Latte is served as hot (฿90) complete with whale latte art, or iced (฿120) with a cinnamon stick and petals from the butterfly pea flower. Whichever you go with, you get a milky coffee that’s as soothing as its blue hue.

blue whale cafe dessert
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Pair the Cold Blue Coffee (฿150) with their Strawberry & Cottage Cheese Toast (฿200) or Blueberry & Caramel & Coffee Mascarpone (฿180) for a delightfully colourful meal.

Getting to the Blue Whale

If blue is your lucky colour or you’re looking to soothe your senses, then Blue Whale Cafe is a pleasant stop when you need a retreat from the stress of the world.

It is an easy 5 minutes on foot from MRT Sanam Chai.

As always, we’d recommend calling ahead before visiting any establishment to make sure they’re operating normally, given the current situation.

Blue Whale Cafe
Address: 392, 37 Maha Rat Rd, Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200
Opening Hours: 9AM – 6PM (Monday – Tuesday, Friday – Sunday) | 10AM – 6PM (Wednesday) | Closed on Thursdays
Telephone: +66 9 6997 4962
Blue Whale Cafe’s Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from: (Clockwise from Top Left): Unique Way, U Travel, @paulpayasalad

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