Themed Bangkok cafes to visit in 2022

Bangkok may be a city that’s full of cafes in every nook and cranny, but cafes with specific features take some effort to find.

When it’s time to plan ahead to meet our homies to catch up over the weekends, we may be hard-pressed to find an original space to hangout in Central Bangkok. Especially since we all know the city we know and love is basically a concrete jungle, besides the glitzy Siam shopping district which we’ve all visited way too many times.

To help you determine which are still open in 2022, we’ve made a list of 12 Bangkok cafes that feature stunning gardens, a giant plane, and even an American 50s diner. So the next time your friend asks you out, you’ll be able to surprise them with a cool place to visit – a good switcheroo from an 11th outing at After You we think.

Find out more about cafes in Thailand:

1. Fats & Angry Ari – 50s American-themed cafe

Image credit: @fatsandangry

We – as Gen Z – sometimes like to imagine what living in the 50s was like. Some of us even wish that we could go back and live in those times ourselves, despite knowing it’s impossible. Fats & Angry Ari is a ’50s-themed cafe that’s designed to look like a nostalgic diner in America, but conveniently located in Ari, Bangkok instead.

When you push open the teal door, you may just recall Netflix shows like Riverdale or Stranger Things upon seeing the colourful, neon-lit interior.

Image credit: Cafe Story : รีวิวคาเฟ่ ทุกวัน

We love the checkered black and white tiled floors, and old-school posters lining the walls, which all add to the authentic retro atmosphere.

Image credit: @fatsandangry

Different kinds of American dishes and drinks are on the menu – think milkshakes, burgers and deep-fried sides – served up on retro plates and tall glass cups.

If you’ve no idea what to get. I’d recommend trying the California Cheeseburger for ฿190 (~USD5.7) – opt for pork or beef patties depending on your preference – along with a Hazelnut Milkshake for ฿165 (~USD5).

Perfect for snapping IG pics of ourselves with their signature milkshakes just like Archie or Betty in Riverdale.

Fats & Angry Ari
Address: 25 Ari 4 Fang Nua Alley, Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400
Opening Hours:
11AM – 8PM, Daily
Nearest Train Station: BTS Ari
Telephone: +66 8 3259 9258 
Fats & Angry’s Facebook | Google Maps

2. Sretsis Parlour – 2-storey bohemian tea room with European influences

Image credit: bkkmenu

Sretsis Parlour is a hidden tea room in central Bangkok – tucked away on the second floor in Central Embassy, a Bangkok mall. Themed after bohemian and European influences, it used to be a clothing store before being transformed into a cafe.

Upon entering the premises, you’ll feel like you’ve been teleported into somewhere in Europe with its iconic wall adorned in floral motifs on the left, and its royal blue tasseled curtains draped above the domed interior.

The dark green bar along with paired with the tiered cupboard, provides a contrast to the vintage chairs and tables that remind us of France’s boutique tea parlours.

Image credit: @pooklooksflower

While there, stop by the twirling stairs in the heart of the cafe that will take you to the second floor. You’ll get to have a close-up look at the curvature of the domed white ceiling and antique chandelier, and further seating options.

Image credit: @foodography.sf

If you’re impressed by the attention to detail with the decor, wait till you see their dainty desserts. What you see on the bottom-most plate are Baby Cakes at ฿95 (~USD2)/piece. They have four flavors for customers to choose: Strawberry (light blue), Rose (pink), Mango Passionfruit (yellow), and Blueberry (purple).

And for drinks, our pick would be their Surprise Coffee at ฿190 (~USD5)/cup, which guests can expect a ‘surprise’ in the form of random latte art.

Sretsis Parlour
Address: Central Embassy, Level 2 Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330
Opening Hours:
10AM – 8PM, Daily
Nearest Train Station: BTS Phloen Chit
Telephone: +66 2 160 5875
Sretsis Parlour’s Facebook | Google Maps

3. 747 Cafe – sip iced coffee in a mega plane

If other typical cafes kind of bore you, like us, you’d probably be blown away by this next concept – a cafe inside a plane.

747 Cafe is an enormous themed cafe in Lat Krabang that is housed entirely within a big plane – so that customers can pretend to be on the plane while sipping on their lattes.

To get on the ‘plane’, you’ll need to buy a ticket which will allow you access to a drink within the main seating area. The ticket price is at ฿120(~USD3)/person, and if your drink’s price is beyond the ticket price, you can top up the difference for fancier drinks.

Image credit: @monladaja

After boarding, you’ll notice a spacious dining area with a long marble table and high bar stools in the middle. On the both sides, ‘window seats’ are available for those who prefer a view of the outside. The good news is that guests will face zero turbulence, and the seat belt signs will be switched off for the duration of your ride.

After finishing your meal, you might wanna roleplay as an aeroplane pilot – kiddos who’ve dreamed of this moment since childhood, we gotchu. Thankfully, the 747 Cafe has a cockpit where people flock to pose as pilots for their IG snapshots. Overall, we think an experience dining in an actual plane is one not to be missed, so if you’re ever in the area, definitely stop by.

747 Cafe
Address: 627 1 Luang Phaeng Rd, Thap Yao, Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520
Opening Hours:
10AM – 7PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 9 9567 7747
747 Cafes Facebook | Google Maps

4. The Wood Land – a cafe with a treehouse loft and small shacks

Fans of al fresco dining may agree that opting for air-conditioned coffeeshops can feel rather sterile at times. The Wood Land‘s main premise is to let guests bask in the fresh air on a grassy area, with drip coffee handmade by their baristas. FYI, the entrance to this hidden cafe in Bangkok is denoted by their iconic grey wall which is unmistakable when you approach.

Walking through the entrance, you will see smol wooden shacks which double up as ordering counters for coffee. Guests can either choose to seat yourself on the ground or on the side chairs with fluffy cushions.

Image credit: @khunn_tham

Of course, if you’re a UV hater, snag a seat at the open shelter where you and your friends can sit in a circle and discuss whether you liked the trippy Doctor Strange movie you caught last week.

Image credit: @lilymst_

Before you leave, go up to the viewpoint on the treehouse via a circular flight of steps, to capture chic poses with the view of the buildings behind for your IG stories. This cafe is also pet-friendly, so do feel free to bring your fur-friends along for the ride.

The Wood Land
Address: 17 Sukhumvit 52 Alley, Phra Khanong, Bangkok 10260
Opening Hours:
 Wed – Mon, 8AM – 5PM  (Coffee Bar) | 10AM – 9PM (Restaurant)
Nearest Train Station: BTS On Nut
Telephone: +66 6 1391 1754
The Wood Land’s Facebook | Google Maps

5. PAGA Microroastery – cafe in Sukhumvit that looks like an Apple store

Driving past, you might not be able to tell that this is a cafe that serves specialty coffee with single origin micro lots. That, in essence, is the charm of PAGA Microroastery – a white minimalist cafe hidden in Sukhumvit 31, about a 10-minute walk from the Sukhumvit MRT station.

PAGA is a multi-storey cafe which is decked out in hues of creamy white, contributing to its minimalist look. Basically, when you push the door open, employees behind the grey marble bar will greet you with a smile and be ready to help you with your order. We still can’t shake the cafe’s resemblance to an Apple store, and whether they’ll whip out an iPhone instead of a ‘iCed latte’.

After getting your order, there’s a wall-mounted table against a big glass window on your left where you can sit and gaze at the surroundings outside.

Image credit: @namaunkk

If you like trying new things when visiting cafes, I’d recommend its signature Freddo at ฿150 (~USD4) that has a similar milky approach akin to Greek coffee or Rosemary at ฿290 (~USD8) – a cold brew mixed with orange liqueur and rose lemonade.

So if you happen to run some errands in the vicinity of this alley, pin this place on our radar for a spot of specialty coffee.

PAGA Microroastery
Address: 45, 1 Soi Sukhumvit 31, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Opening Hours:
8AM – 5PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 8 0 009 6292
PAGA Roastery’s Facebook | Google Maps

6. Ternajachob – glasshouse cafe in a garden

Image credit: @ahappystoryy

Ternajachob – which translates to “You might like it” in English – is a cafe that resembles an actual glass greenhouse, right smack in the middle of a garden.\

Image credit: @chocwhitedark

Before you enter the main area, however, you’ll first have to make it past the forested area outdoors, complete with a stone fountain as a lavish centrepiece.

Image credit: @ploy__nuzzyyy__

Keep walking farther, your curiosity will lead you to this stone cottage and bridge hidden among bushes and trees, at which point you’ll know exactly what you have to do with your camera.

After this little journey, go back inside the greenhouse, we’d recommend grabbing a Ham & Cheese Sandwich at ฿175 (~USD5) together with an Iced Lemon Tea at ฿115 (~USD3) to curb any random hunger pangs that may arise.

Ternajachob Cafe
Address: 24, 6 Chaloem Phrakiat Rama 9 Alley, Prawet, Bangkok 10250
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri, 11AM – 9PM | Sat – Sun 9AM – 9PM
Telephone: +66 8 2695 6226
Ternajachob’s Facebook | Google Maps

7. The Gardens of Dinsor Palace – dine next to a pond with live swans

For those who adore a hi-so dining experience amidst nature, I’d say this next cafe should be your go-to spot for weekend brunches. The Gardens of Dinsor Palace is a spacious, forested cafe that will allow you to chill among trees and a pond while digging into a hearty meal.

When being led inside by a server, you’ll likely be surprised by how large the outdoor dining area is. No matter where you look, you can expect to see lush greenery and ample seating.

Sitting outside may make you work up a sweat whenever Bangkok gets humid, so there’s also an indoor dining room with aircon for those days.

Image credit: @haryaty.henny

We’d highly recommend grabbing a table next to the central pond. Don’t be too surprised if you spot a black or white swan swimming around near the fountains. A mini-Swan Lake if you will.

As for food, I’d recommend Spinach & Mushroom Omelette for ฿260(~USD7), paired with an Iced Chocolate for ฿140 (~USD4) to fill your bellies at lunch. Do note that pricing is a little steeper than usual, but we think it’s justified thanks to the truly royal dining atmosphere and concept here.

The Gardens of Dinsor Palace
Address: 1217/2 Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri, 11AM – 11PM | Sat – Sun 9AM – 11PM
Telephone: +66 2 714 2112
The Gardens of Dinsor Palace’s Facebook | Google Maps

8. Natura Cafe – waterfront cafe covered in greenery

Image credit: @kisaiboom

Another green cafe that you should check out is Natura Cafe, a waterfront bistro in Chom Thong, Bangkok, that welcomes their customers with towering trees and an actual canal parallel to the dining area.

Follow the path and you’ll catch sight of a bamboo cabin where a barista will greet you. Drinks on the menu include Litchi Americano at ฿125 (~USD3), for a fruity twist to your pick-me-up caffeinated drink every morning.

After you’ve settled on your coffee, tea or juice of choice, walk over to the main seating area alongside the canal.

Image credit: @storyofthailand

We’ve absolutely loving the bamboo-themed furniture – be it on the chairs, tables, or partitions on both sides.

Image credit: @biewjiez

On the right, there’s an iconic banana tree towering over guests, but when you look up on the left side, you’ll also spot some layered hanging grass plants – all part of the beautiful forested canopy overhead. Just for a moment, we’d reckon an image of yourself chilling at an Amazonian rainforest – which could be a fun photo op for IG.

This cafe is great for those seeking an escape from the concrete skyscrapers of Bangkok’s CBD area, so def pay this one a visit if you’d like a literal breath of fresh air.

Natura Cafe
Address: 9, 3 Moo 6 Chom Thong, Bangkok 10150
Opening Hours:
10AM – 6PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 8 5123 1386
Natura Cafe’s Facebook | Google Maps

9. Puritan – old-timey European sculptures and hanging plants

Image credit: @pooklooksflower

Puritan boasts a quaint European-inspired interior that is reminiscent of a greenhouse with classic Greek sculptures, hidden amongst hanging potted plants. We spotted vintage photo frames hung upon classic brick walls, and tons of odd antiques scattered around the cafe’s seating area.

Image credit: @xsanit7824

Journeying towards the heart of the cafe, you’ll also spot vintage chandeliers, a bronze coat of arms centrepiece on the domed window, and other weathered marble statues. Basically, if you were to snap a pic here, we’re sure no one will ask any questions if you claim to be in an eccentric millionaire’s mansion somewhere in England.

Image credit: @pooklooksflower

As for food, we’d recommend a fancy slice of Chocolate Baked Cheesecake at ฿210 (~USD6) as a standout choice on the menu, besides regular cups of coffee or tea you’d expect at a cafe.

Consider this cafe for your next chill sesh with the squad, especially if they’re into that IG-worthy marbled countertop as a backdrop for their flat lay pics.

Address: 46/1 Soi Ari 5, Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400
Opening Hours:
Tue – Fri, 1PM – 9PM | Sat – Sun, 11AM – 9PM (Closed on Mondays)
Telephone: +66 2 357 1099
Puritan’s Facebook | Google Maps

10. Featherstone Cafe – Gothic-themed bistro with Diagon Alley vibes

Featherstone is a Gothic-themed bistro and cafe hidden in Bangkok’s Ekkamai district. Once you’ve parked your car at the lot, or approach the entrance on foot, you’ll definitely notice the striking black exterior complete with brown window panes you’d see commonly in pubs within England.

Image credit: @flat_1103

Passing through the door, the dining area is well-lit, with stained glass frames and art, as well as mood lighting, which complement the pub atmosphere – not unlike something you’d find in Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter franchise.

Opposite the stained glass windows, guests have free access to a counter and bar top area with plenty of drink options – from espresso to cocktails, there’s a beverage for every time of the day.

Image credit: @truely.lj

In the back room, we noticed that the seafoam green walls have an eclectic collection of butterfly taxidermy pieces. And interesting but unique creative choice for a dining room set-up, no doubt.

Also, the highlight of this room is a long banquet table that is decent for a big family dinner or birthday celebrations. So if you come with your buddies or family, you can book this table in advance.

To combat the munchies, check out this adorable heart-shaped Egg Bacon & Cheese Pizza at ฿290 (~USD8), which topped with crispy bacon, egg yolk and mozzarella cheese. As for drinks, we’d recommend Wild Gardenia ฿140 (~USD4) which is a signature sparkling drink served with lavender syrup and soda.

Address: 60 Ekkamai 12 Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Opening Hours:
10.30AM – 10PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 9 7058 6846
Featherstone’s Facebook | Google Maps

11. Oakland Cafe – spacious white tent for glamping with friends

Image credit: @sawol.park

Many of us lack time to go camping far away from the city as we’re pinned to our piles of work in the office. Thankfully, Oakland Cafe has latched on to the glamping trend that’s sweeping Thailand, so a camping trip with friends wouldn’t be a pipe dream if you can’t exactly leave Bangkok’s city centre.

Image credit: @aormmy

If you plan to chill out in one of their glamping tents in the main ‘camping area’, you’ll spot a cosy bed along with books to read to kill time an Iced Matcha Latte for ฿95 (~USD2.8), made to order by in-house baristas.

As you walk towards the heart of the cafe, you’ll notice many flowering shrubs to line the path inwards. See if you can spot this rather random Easter egg as well, pictured below.

Image credit: @timetoeve

For the eagled-eyed adventurers who’ve journeyed here, make sure to stop by this this miniature wooden bus stop that might have your friends assuming you’ve somehow made it to Japan.

BTW, we’ve covered Oakland Cafe’s menu options extensively in this previous article, so do check it out before you plan a trip over.

Oakland Cafe
Address: 132 Ratchamontri Road, Klong Khwang, Phasi Charoen, Bangkok 10160 
Opening Hours:
6AM – 6PM (Cafe Zone), Daily | 10AM – 8PM (Restaurant Zone), Daily
Telephone: +66 6 3824 2645
Oakland Cafe’s Facebook | Google Maps

12. Shing A Ring A Ring Cafe & Bar – themed cafe that resembles Santa’s house in winter

Image credit: Cafe Story : รีวิวคาเฟ่ ทุกวัน

Winter in Thailand is nothing like what you’d expect in the Western hemisphere. So when Christmas rolls around, and the kiddos are begging to see Santa’s house, some of us might be caught in a dilemma. What if we told you there’s a pretty committed team who’d be bringing that experience to guests every year, and that the cafe’s not in the North Pole, but actually in the heart of Bangkok?

Shing A Ring A Ring Cafe & Bar is unabashedly inspired by traditional snow-covered, white Christmas and Santa’s toy workshop.

Though it’s a tad early for the ‘most wonderful time of the year’, you’ll find the interior of the cafe furnished with retro furniture on a patterned carpet and rainbow glass windows.

Image credit: @shing_a_ring_a_ring

But the cafe’s main draw is definitely its outdoor dining area. Once the festive season approaches, the large tree in the middle of the patio will be dotted with presents in different sizes and colours around the branches.

Image credit: Cafe Story : รีวิวคาเฟ่ ทุกวัน

At nightfall, you can leave your table and stroll around till you locate a small wooden cabin. We adore their attention to detail, with the hanging fairy lights and snowflakes above, as well as a little toy shack for the young ones to playact as little elves. Must-try dishes that top our list are the Shing Salmon Ring ฿200 (~USD5.98), and their seasonal menu but more on that here.

Shing A Ring A Ring Cafe & Bar
Address: 1023, 1 Bang Waek Rd, Bang Phai, Bang Khae, Bangkok 10160
Opening Hours:
11AM – 12AM, Daily
Telephone: +66 9 5665 6994
Shing A Ring A Ring’s Facebook | Google Maps

Cafe-hopping on weekends in Bangkok

If you’ve been feeling unsettled from the stress of the daily grind, changing the pace with an iced latte at any of these cafes will definitely help you loosen up and recharge on your weekends. We hope that our list has given you more options for outings with them, from munching a burger back in ’50s America, to dining on a 747 plane, or even having a taste of how glamping feels before that road trip to Chiang Mai.

Let us know if we’ve missed out on any other hidden gems in Bangkok in the comments below.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): Cafe Story : รีวิวคาเฟ่ ทุกวัน, @nisaisnisasmile, TheSmartLocal, bkkmenu

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