Get your bubble tea fix in the air

AirAsia bubble tea

Images adapted from: กินหนม and Aungpao Noppawan

Coffee, tea, or bubble milk tea?

Bubble tea fever is at an all-time high with tons of shops popping up in every corner, so it’s time for bubble tea to be available onboard too. Good news for BBT lovers – AirAsia Thailand now serves bubble milk tea on its in-flight menu.

AirAsia Bubble Tea

Image credit: @airasia_thai 

Bubble tea comes with healthy konjac boba

AirAsia Boba

Image credit: กินหนม

We know that BBT might not be the healthiest drink, but AirAsia gives customers a healthier option of milk tea with konjac bubbles on board. 

Konjac boba contains high levels of fibers, helps to control the amount of food we consume, and also has fewer carbs which are good for your health. It also comes shaped like tiny diamonds which many customers love.

AirAsia bubble tea

Image credit: Aungpao Noppawan

Order your BBT online when booking your flight

AirAsia is only serving one flavour of bubble tea for now. This sweet cup will be available on all Thai AirAsia and Thai AirAsiaX flights. Do note that the bubble tea comes in a limited amount, and the price depends on each flight starting from ฿75

If you’re obsessed with BBT and find yourself flying with AirAsia, don’t forget to complete your trip with this new offer. 

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