You Can Soon Walk Over A “Sea Of Mist” In Thailand On The Longest Skywalk In SE Asia

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Ai Yerweng Skywalk in Thailand to open EOY

longest skywalk in asia ai yerwengImages adapted from: Yahoo, The Nation

There’s a brand new tourist attraction in town, and we can’t wait to see it in action. This is the Ai Yerweng Skywalk located in Yala’s Betong district, which is a 61-metre skywalk located at an altitude of ~600 metres.

This allows visitors to enjoy a view gobsmackin’ of a “sea of mist” right beneath their feet.

Longest skywalk in southeast Asia

Image credit: Yahoo

This skywalk is believed to be the longest in southeast Asia. It’s slated to open at the end of the year, and is almost “77% complete”, says Melissa Yotkhayan, a tourism developer at Ai Yerweng Subdistrict Administrative Organisation.

Image credit: Yahoo

The skywalk aims to attract both local and foreign tourists to the district while also creating job opportunities for locals.

Image credit: The Nation

Artist’s impression of the completed skywalk
Image credit: Yahoo

“Villagers can also earn extra by renting motorbikes to tourists,” said Aree Noochoosuk, the chief administrator of the organisation.

อัยเยอร์เวง สกายวอล์ค [ SKY WALK AI YER WENG ]
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อัยเยอร์เวง สกายวอล์ค [ SKY WALK AI YER WENG ]

Another reason to visit Thailand

Betong is a district in southern Thailand that’s near the Malaysian border, which makes it popular with tourists.

sea of mist ai yerweng tower
Image credit: @caravansamranjai

Ai Yerweng is already famous for its sick views of the “sea of mist”, which visitors can enjoy at Ai Yerweng Tower at sunrise and sunset.

ai yerweng tower views
Image credit: @brilliantbest

So if you’re planning your post-lockdown holiday to Thailand, be sure to add this to your list of places to visit!

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