Sweaty netizens attach soap to their air conditioners

As the current June heatwave takes the mercury up to highs of over 41°C in many parts of the country, as reported by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA)’s Climate Heat Index, we’ve been getting a little sweaty under the armpits lately.

That’s why netizens in Facebook group Home Buddies have taken to attaching Irish Spring soap to their air conditioners and fans to not just stay cool, but also to smell fab.

Turns out, attaching soap to air conditioners freshens the air

Home Buddies is a Facebook group of 2.2 million houseproud members mainly from the Philippines who share interior design, home maintenance, and appliance-fixing tips on a daily basis.

It’s no wonder that as the tropical heat has crept into their homes while many of them are obliged to stay indoors in the pandemic, the members’ Irish Spring soap hack is being picked up enthusiastically by many looking to keep their air smelling good despite being in confined spaces.

tying soap to aircon
Image adapted from: Foodtripan SA Tondo

It’s not clear who the originator of the Irish Spring soap hack was, but we feel he or she deserves a crown. So would food vlogger Foodtripan SA Tondo, who shared how she’d tied a bar of aloe-scented Irish Spring soap to her air conditioner with a simple piece of string, declaring, “LEGIT NGA[!]” (It’s legit!)

tying irish spring to aircon
Image adapted from: Blesilda Talento

Group member Blesilda Talento simply jammed a bar of Irish Spring into her air conditioner’s vents, commenting, “Grabe nasaniban na ako ang bango daw sabi ng kids hahaha” which translates to “Wow, I’m already possessed. It smells good according to the kids, hahaha.”

hanging air freshener from aircon
Image adapted from: Jeliejoy Velez Libre

But if tying or jamming soap into your pricey air conditioner isn’t quite for you, follow in Jeliejoy Velez Libre’s footsteps. She proposed placing Irish Spring soap in an empty hook-style air freshener and hanging it from an air-conditioner, explaining how she came to the idea: “Saan aabot yung pagka curious ko? Edi bumili lang naman ako ng Irish Spring 😂 tipid tipid lang dapat kaya hiniwa ko at nilagay ko nalang sa empty holder ng albatross.. Ambango na! 🥰”

This translates to, “Where will your curiosity lead you? So I just bought Irish Spring. Just to be thrifty, I cut it up and put it into an empty Albatross holder… It smells good!” Her photo shows the homemade soap air freshener hanging from her air conditioner.

Some have used fans instead of air conditioners, or efficascent oils instead of soap

No air conditioner, or no soap? No problem.

tying irish spring to fans
Image adapted from Lois Tee and Komiya Nozomi

Some members are putting a spin on the Irish Spring soap hack by attaching Irish Spring soap to their standing fans, as group members Lois Tee and Komiya Nozomi did instead. Definitely a good alternative for those who want to save on electricity.


Image adapted from Queen Princess Cruz

Queen Princess Cruz shared an image of two efficascent oil bottles with their caps removed, placed on a flat plastic object that was attached to her air conditioner’s vents. “Naubusan po ako ng Irish Spring. Pero mas bet ko amoy nito” (I ran out of Irish Spring. But I bet this smells better), she joked. Looks like these oils are no longer just for muscle aches and sprains anymore.

Simple solution for a long-standing problem

We’ve got to give it to whoever started invented this lifehack of taking soap, an affordable, plentiful household item, and putting it to good use in this sweltering heat.

Let us know if you’ve tried this hack and if it works for you.

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Cover image adapted from: Foodtripan SA Tondo


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