Japanese food in the comfort of a traditional house

The rainy season is the perfect time for a bowl of hot ramen. Luckily for people who live in the south of the metro, they can enjoy this Japanese staple food at an affordable price at Surugin Ramen House in Alfonso, Cavite.

Their ramen isn’t the only thing that will provide you comfort either. Set in a traditional Filipino house with a dash of Japanese elements, such as the banners you see in Japanese shops, the restaurant gives you just the right balance of foreign and familiar.

Ghibli-esque ambiance

Surugin Ramen House - traditional house
The restaurant is set in a traditional house decorated with Japanese elements

Image credit: Aaron Marc

The restaurant is located in a rural area, in the little-known Barangay Sulsugin in Alfonso, Cavite. Peaceful and surrounded by lush greens, you’ll definitely feel as if you were in a Studio Ghibli movie.

Surugin Ramen House - pathway
The path to the restaurant

Image credit: Aaron Marc

Away from the city’s hustle and bustle, you’ll also get to take your time to sip your ramen’s flavorful soup and savor each piece of gyoza.

Different kinds of ramen

Surugin Ramen House - Katsu curry ramen
Katsu curry ramen

Image adapted from: Elona Mae DS

To satisfy different palates, Surugin Ramen House offers a variety of types of ramen. There’s tonkotsu, shoyu, miso, spicy miso, and katsu curry which range from P190 to P300 (~USD3.83 to USD6.04). A side of gyoza costs P120 (~USD2.42).

Besides an array of flavors, the restaurant is also prepared in case their flavorful ramen leaves you craving for more. You can get extra chashu (pork toppings), toriniku (chicken toppings), ajitama (boiled, marinated eggs), and kaedama (noodles) for a minimal price.

Rice bowls

Surugin Ramen House - Tenshinhan
Tenshinhan, the restaurant’s latest offering

Image credit: Surugin Ramen House

For people who want something slightly more filling, Surugin Ramen House also serves a selection of rice meals.

Their newest offering, tenshinhan, is steamed rice with braised chicken and shiitake mushrooms topped with kani maki (imitation crab meat) and scrambled eggs and poured with tenshinhan sauce. They also have katsukare rice which is steamed rice and katsu (fried cutlet) topped with scrambled eggs and covered in curry sauce. Both are sold for P220 (~USD4.43).

Surugin Ramen House - Katsukare Rice
Katsukare rice – steamed rice,
katsu, and scrambled eggs covered in curry sauce
Image credit: Surugin Ramen House

If you want a simple rice dish, the ramen house offers gohan (rice steamed with vegetables and meat) for P45 (~USD0.91) and chahan (egg fried rice) for P120 (~USD2.42).

Indoor and al fresco dining

Surugin Ramen House - Al-fresco diningOne of the outdoor dining spots at the restaurant
Image credit: Rhina Alinsunurin-Salcedo

Surugin Ramen House has both indoor and al fresco dining options, but there are only limited seats available for now for social distancing measures.

Since there are no reservations at this restaurant, customers get seats on a first-come, first-served basis. However, you are always free to wait inside your vehicle.

You can also bring your pet to the restaurant to share the experience, but pets can only stay at the al fresco dining area.

Covid-19 protocols at Surugin Ramen House

Surugin Ramen House imposes strict Covid-19 protocols. Individuals below 18 and above 65 years old are not allowed to dine in, but fully vaccinated senior citizens who can present their vaccine cards are welcome.

Of course, you should remember to come in with a face mask and a face shield and observe social distancing at all times to keep yourself, other customers, and the staff safe.

Address: 101D Sulsugin Road, Purok 3, Brgy. Sulsugin, Alfonso, Cavite
Opening hours: 11AM-7PM, Thu-Tue | Closed Wednesdays

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Cover image adapted from: Aaron Marc and Surugin Ramen House


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