Buy cancelled orders in Facebook group ‘Order Hero’

Canceling problematic personalities online can be met with mixed opinions, but most people agree that it’s certainly not okay to cancel your online food order when your delivery guy already bought the items for you. Because some of them don’t get paid for incomplete deliveries, they might have to go through the tedious process of filing reimbursement policies.

So when photos of a GrabFood rider posted by a Facebook user Natdemzon Pagkanlungan eating the food he was supposed to deliver amidst the scorching heat went viral, Pinoy netizens banded together. This triggering point prompted them to create the Facebook group Order Hero on 29th March to help save our riders’ time, money, and effort. 

Facebook post of Natdemzon Pagkanlungan showing viral Grab Food rider eating a cancelled order
Image credit: Natdemzon Lazo Pagkanlungan

How to post a cancelled order

Delivery men from Grab Food, Food Panda, LalaMove, and Angkas can post their cancelled orders on the public group to see if any kind soul wants to pick up the order. The delivery person just has to include a photo of the cancelled order’s official receipt, screenshot of order cancellation, and the cancelled food items.

How to post the cancelled order in the group
Image credit: MeAnn Ortiz 

To facilitate the taking up of cancelled orders, the delivery people are encouraged to write the captions in the following format: #iNeedAhero in (exact location) #City (cancelled items) – (price).

How to save a cancelled order

Netizens interested in buying the cancelled food orders can comment on the post and negotiate with the delivery personnel and the group’s admin. After an order is taken, the admin will label the post as #SAVED.

Sample post from Order Hero
Image credit: Ileen Mae Verano Verana

Deliveryman John Paul, for instance, shared that he became a victim of “fakebooking” after his customer did not show up for a P924 Pansit Bihon. Netizens were quick to come to the rescue in the comments thread, and John Paul got “saved” by a hero in just 5 minutes, according to Facebook user Ileen Verana

‘A wonderful initiative’

The Facebook group earned recognition from netizens. Eunice Orozco, a member of the page, who had a few choice words for the last-minute cancellers called it a “wonderful initiative to help the delivery riders”. 

Member of Order Hero reacting to the page
Image credit: Eunice Saprid Orozco

RM Bestal suggested that food online delivery services should take note of these incidents and remove the cancel buttons in their applications.

Member of the group Order Hero
Image credit: RM Felicity Bestal 

The group has been gaining members fast – it has over 168,000 members as of writing, in just the 3 days it’s been set up. 

Strict penalties for no-show customers

According to Grab Food, which has posted an announcement regarding these incidents on their Facebook page, their system automatically disables the cancel button once their rider-partners have placed orders at the restaurants. 

But in the event of no-shows, where customers do not meet the riders, or unclaimed orders, the company said that it does  reimburse the riders. It also has strict penalties for customers who will not claim their orders.

Grab Food's response to cancelled orders experienced by their rider-partners
Image credit: GrabFood PH

Be a responsible customer

It’s easy to take things for granted these days, given how the Internet has made our lives so much easier – we can now order food without even having to step out of our houses.

But let’s spare a thought for our delivery people, who are out there working hard to bring our orders to us, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. So the least we can do is to be a responsible customer by avoiding last-minute cancellations of our orders. 

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