Online events in August 2020

Just like that, more than half of 2020 has passed, and most of us have passed this year with plenty of working from home, food delivery receipts, and increased phone screen time. Considering that we’re still highly encouraged to stay home, it’s getting harder and harder to tell days apart from each other.

However, if you want to put a spin on your routine, get in touch with humans out there safely from home, and start filling up your planners again, these free online events for August 2020 might interest you.

1. 8Lettters LitFest – get to know local indie writers and their works

august 2020 events - litfestImage credit: Abhi Sharma

Supporting local doesn’t just stop at watching local films or buying products from local businesses. You can also support local by reading the works of indie Filipino writers – and if you don’t know where to start, an online literary fest might just be for you.

8Letters LitFest is a 5-day online festival jam-packed with activities that celebrate Filipino writers, and also provide inspiration and useful webinars for aspiring writers. The program consists of book launches, workshops on writing and zine-making, courses on how to sell your books, and a writing contest.

Date: 6-9 Aug 2020
Time: 10AM-6PM (Philippine time)

2. Reimagining Upcycling – on plastic and cloth waste management

august 2020 events - upcycling
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Prior to COVID-19, thrift stores or ukay were popular choices for sustainable and affordable shopping. Unfortunately, the usually narrow and tight spaces of these thrift stores are a no-go with the current social distancing protocol.

Fortunately, Instagram thrift shops have become a thing, where you can buy upcycled products from clothes to jewelry to home decor. To know more about upcycling and how it can help with plastic and cloth waste management, you can attend AtoAni BioPack’s Reimagining Upcycling webinar. It might just inspire you to help save the environment in your own ways.

Date: 8 Aug 2020
Time: 6PM-7PM (Philippine time)

3. Infographics and Animation Magic – pick up advanced Powerpoint features

august 2020 events - ppt skills
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Whether you’re a student who has to make presentations for class, or an employee who has to do presentations for work, Powerpoint skills are sure to come in handy. If you feel like you badly need an upgrade on your PPT skills, make sure to attend Insight Training’s webinar, Advanced MS PowerPoint: Infographics and Animation Magic.

The 2-day webinar will teach you everything, from the basics such as layouts and arranging slides, all the way to making infographics and putting advanced animations. 

Date: 8-9 Aug 2020
Time: 1.30PM-5PM (Philippine time)

4. The Makers Club’s Comics Workshop – learn the basics of drawing comics

august 2020 events - comics workshop
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Frustrated artists have probably left their dreams in the past, in badly-drawn doodles on the margins of our high school notes. However, Difference Engine says it’s never too late to pick that pen back up.

Their online class, You don’t need to know how to code to be a Maker: A comics workshop, was meant for those who want to learn how to draw, no matter what level of skill you have. The workshop’s objective is to have you drawing characters and a one-page comic by the end of it, so you’re sure to have something to show for this course.

Date: 9 Aug 2020
Time: 11AM-12PM (Philippine time)

5. Sozo’s Mindfulness Mondays – flex your basic yoga techniques

august 2020 events - sozo mindfulness mondaysImage credit: Elly Fairytale

Yoga has become a popular choice of physical exercise for those who have been stuck at home and wanting to get fit. Since it only requires a yoga mat and full concentration, it’s a shoo-in for those who need home workouts that don’t require equipment.

If you’re only just hopping on the yoga train, or want to learn even more positions and techniques, or just want to do yoga with other people even by virtual means, check out Sozo’s Mindfulness Mondays 6-Week Series.

The series started in June, but you can catch the last session this 10th August, where Filipina yoga instructor Pria Amarnani will be teaching basic yoga techniques.

Date: 10 Aug 2020
Time: 5.30PM-6.30PM (Philippine time)

6. Virtual Chocolate Salon Panel – hear from chocolatiers, their creative inspirations, and business challenges

august 2020 events - chocolatiersImage credit: Adonyi Gabór

If you’re a nocturnal being and you find yourself awake at 2AM on the 12th of August, you might want to tune in to International Chocolate Salon’s Virtual Chocolate Salon Panel

The webinar will be a conversation about creative inspiration and business challenges with Asian-American chocolatiers, including Filipina Tonet Tibay of Marti Chocolatt. Sweet tooths might even find inspiration in how these chocolatiers built their businesses from their love for chocolates.

Date: 12 Aug 2020
Time: 2AM-3.15AM (Philippine time)

7. Virtual Film Showcase – catch films featuring women entrepreneurs

august 2020 events - virtual film showcaseImage adapted from: Dream, Girl

In the wise lyrics of Beyoncé: “Who run the world? Girls.” Women are finally getting the recognition they deserve, and in this virtual film showcase held by LEVEL3, we’re ready to learn about how women are making it big in the business industry, too.

The event will be showcasing two films featuring women entrepreneurs, A Force For Change and Dream, Girl. 10 women from all over the world will also be talking about their experiences as entrepreneurs, including Zarah Juan, a Filipina bag maker.

Date: 13 Aug 2020
Time: 7PM-8:30PM (Philippine time)

8. Kommunity Kultura – a workshop on the music of Sulu

august 2020 events - traditional music
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Pinoy music has been on the rise recently, with songs we can accustom to any feeling- from joy to heartbreak- sung in a language familiar to us.

However, there’s more to Philippine music than the bops that we stream on Spotify or sing on the karaoke machine. There’s traditional music from different ethnic groups that are just as beautiful. Such as the music performed by the Tagunggu Gong Ensemble, from the Sama, Bajau and Tausug ethnic groups of Sulu

Tune in on Kommunity Kultura’s workshop to learn more about this ensemble, and to appreciate the traditional music they make.

Date: 16 Aug 2020
Time: 7PM (Philippine time)

9. Urban Spaces – the effect of COVID-19 on cities

august 2020 events - urban spaces
Image credit:
Man of Many

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected many aspects of our lives. We are all concerned about what’s in store for us in the future- be it regarding ourselves or the cities in which we live.

For those who are concerned about urban spaces and urban planning in particular, Ateneo de Manila University Press will be holding a workshop on the topic, Urban Spaces: Isolation, Inequalities, and Expectations.

The webinar will tackle how COVID-19 is affecting urban spaces in the Philippines, and what we can expect for our cities in the future.

Date: 17 Aug 2020
Time: 9AM-10.30AM (Philippine time)

10. Prolific Productivity Virtual Workshop – pick up productivity hacks

august 2020 events - productivity hacks
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With work and school shifting to online platforms, the sudden change might take a hit on our productivity.

For those who need a good crash course on how to stay productive despite everything that’s been going on, watch out for this Prolific Productivity workshop organized by the Philippine Toy Library. Hopefully the 2-hour webinar filled with tips and hacks for a more productive routine will help you get back your work mojo.

Date: 19 Aug 2020
Time: 5PM-7PM (Philippine time)

Attend these August 2020 events online

We’re all stuck in quarantine limbo, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to experience the world. These August 2020 events are all free and held safely online, and are the perfect opportunities to learn about new things, even while staying in.

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