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Unbeknownst to many, Miss Universe Philippines Candidate Rousanne Marie “Ayn” Bernos is a woman of many faces. Beyond being a beauty queen and a TikTok content creator, she’s also a YouTuber, podcaster, educator, and founder of the clothing brand Morena the Label.

As Bernos is a proud morena (brown-skinned woman) and self-love advocate, her brand sells statement tees, hoodies, tote bags, and stickers that encourage people to embrace their natural skin color and stretch marks instead of calling these “flaws”.

Exclusively sold at Ideologie Studio

Ayn Bernos - tweet

Bernos’ tweet clarifying that Morena the Label’s merch is only sold by Ideologie Studio
Image adapted from: @aynbernos

After a surge of online shops selling knockoff Morena the Label shirts, Bernos tweeted that she had created the statement and the design of the clothing herself. She also clarified that Morena the Label’s merchandise is exclusively sold by Ideologie Studio.

The merch shop has both a website and a Shopee store that also sell collections from other creators such as Filipino YouTubers Hershey Neri and Say Tioco.

The beliefs behind the “What Flaws?” t-shirt line

Ayn Bernos wearing the What Flaws shirt

Image credit: @aynbernos

Through Morena the Label’s What Flaws? 3rd-anniversary collection, Bernos emphasizes that liking ourselves should be normal, not revolutionary, but society expects us to be ashamed of our natural, physical traits and treat them as flaws.

She shared in a tweet, “When people call me Eugene Domingo for our similar face shape, or Hidilyn Diaz for my arms, I do not take them as insults. What I share with them are not flaws. They are features of strong, beautiful Filipina women, and I will never apologize for existing this way. ”

Ayn Bernos - Morena the Label revolution shirt
The Revolution shirt from the What Flaws? line
Image credit: Ideologie Studio

In her description of the What Flaws? t-shirt line, Bernos also said, “Why do they tell us to embrace our flaws while simultaneously calling our features “flaws” as well? Our flat chest, our dark skin, our stretch marks, our size, our weight, our height, our hair, our skin, our texture, our body. Liking myself shouldn’t be revolutionary, but here we are. Welcome to the resistance.”

How to order from Ayn Bernos’ Morena the Label

You can order from Ayn Bernos’ Morena the Label shirts through Ideologie Studio’s website or Shopee store. Their statement tees cost P499 (~USD9.82).

For website orders, they accept payments through bank transfer, PayPal, GCash and cash-on-delivery via GoGoXpress. Metro Manila shipping costs P80 (~USD1.57) while provincial shipping costs P120 (~USD2.36). For more questions, you can check out Ideologie Studio’s FAQs.

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Cover image adapted from: @aynbernos and @aynbernos


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