Well-dressed goat seen at Malaysian pasar 

Malaysians with furkids have all probably tried to dress them up in pint-sized clothes before. But while there are loving pets which will put up with our shenanigans by staying still for photo ops, it’s usually a challenge to dress up an animal that’s larger or more feisty. 

However, a goat that was spotted wearing several stylish outfits at a Perlis pasar is changing our minds. And dare we say it? – it might just be the most well-dressed goat in Malaysia.

Goat steals the limelight at a pasar in Perlis

The sighting of the fashionable goat was shared on Twitter by netizen @Dowhatt_, where it garnered over 20,000 likes and retweets. Several photos she posted showed the brown animal dressed in an oversized T-shirt and a diaper while sitting on a bench at a market in Padang Besar, Perlis.

Well-dressed goat Twitter post
Image adapted from: @Dowhatt_ 

With how outlandish the whole scenario looked, she wasted no time to joke about the unique sight in the same tweet, which can be translated into English as the following: “This is the attitude of today’s parents. Syok shopping here and there, and then leaving their kids roaming about anywhere. Sad lah, this buddy has to wait here like that.”

Well-dressed goat in pasar tweet
Image adapted from: @Dowhatt_ 

A netizen has since responded to her tweet to reveal the identity of the stylish goat. Apparently, it goes by the name of Angah and is the pet of a shop owner who sells sport jerseys in the area.

Others also shared their encounters with the fashionable goat

@Dowhatt_ wasn’t the only person who’s seen Angah. Many more Malaysians poured in to respond to her tweet that they, too, have seen the goat while at the market. In fact, the animal appears to be somewhat of an attraction that some locals have even been dropping by the market just to see.

Netizen @MysrhhAzami shared that when she met the goat, it was sporting a different outfit – a denim dress. But even in human clothes, animal instincts are hard to kick – she captured the goat candid camera-style as it was trying to take a bite out of a pair of sweatpants that were for sale.

Well-dressed goat - denim dress
Image adapted from: @MysrhhAzami

Showing that it could even rock that stay-at-home loungewear look, Angah was also spotted in a comfy, loose top and Adidas-inspired shorts in another photo that Twitter user @ai_minman77 posted.

Malaysia's well-dressed goat - Adidas shortsImage credit: @ai_minman77

Netizens kid about the fashionable goat

The Tweet from @Dowhatt_ saw many netizens flocking around it to kid about the goat’s show of outfits. Netizen @fxkhrudeen even complimented Angah’s trendy oversized T-shirt look.

Malaysia's well-dressed goat - response

Image adapted from: @fxkhrudeen

Others, however, thought that the goat could step up its fashion game even more, with netizen @nurvain jokingly adding, “Not syok, the goat isn’t wearing an Adidas shirt.”

Malaysia's well-dressed goat - response

Image adapted from: @nurvain

The Tweet also had several netizens coming out to write backstories for the human-like goat which was originally pictured waiting on the bench. This included netizen Ecah, who tweeted: “His dad told him: ‘Boy, wait here. Later, Dad will come back with lots of candies. And after that, we will go buy toys, okay?'”

But it’s not all fun and games in this story, as Ecah later followed up with another tweet addressing the goat, saying, “Ehh, child, wear mask or else you’ll get a saman of RM1,000.”

Malaysia's well-dressed goat - response
Image adapted from: @Ecah56161395 

Meanwhile, netizen @adibadios went so far as to make a comic book-like strip involving the goat. In it, the goat can be seen “complaining” about waiting so long for its human mother while she shopped, that its diaper was now full.

Malaysia's well-dressed goat - comic
Image credit: @adibadios

Well-dressed goat spotted in Perlis

It’s no secret that Malaysians love their animals, with stories such as an uncle in Selangor cycling to feed stray cats and food riders rescuing a kitten from a longkang cropping up even during a pandemic.

This well-dressed goat further shows how much we really do love our furry friends, with its owner taking the time to change up its outfit every day and tickled netizens fawning over the sight of a stylish farm animal.

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Cover image adapted from: @ArienaHisham, @Dowhatt_  & @ai_minman77


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