Skincare products to help you achieve glowy skin 

Even if skincare is not at the top of your priority list, no one wants to look like they got under four hours of Zzzs the night before. But if you’re one to clock in long work hours or indulge in late-night binge-watching, chances are your skin has taken a hit from the lack of shut-eye. 

Luckily, remedying issues like dull complexions and dark under-eye circles – whether from sleepless nights or dehydration – is not rocket science. Besides tried-and-true beauty sleep, there are various skincare products out there to keep those “You look so tired” comments at bay.

To help you narrow down your options, we rounded up some skincare products from Wardah – including creams and a serum all priced under RM50 – and listed them below.

Tackle that always-tired look with creams & serum

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As busy bees and night owls, you’ve probably hopped from one skincare brand to another to tackle that always-tired look and achieve glowy skin – and burnt a hole in your wallet in the process. 

Over at Wardah, they have an affordable brightening skincare line which comprises various creams and even a serum to add to your basic cleanse-tone-moisturise routine.

Wardah Beauty - affordable skincare
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Dedicated eye creams are often left out of quick beauty regimens. But when you’re tired, it def shows in your eyes. Enter Wardah’s Crystal Secret Eyes Dark Circle Corrector (RM28.10), which helps to hydrate and brighten skin, while dealing with under-eye issues.

Serums aren’t typically part of our CTM routine either. But as any beauty expert will tell you – it’s never too early to start on them, as they combat common skin concerns like dullness and acne scars. 

The Crystal Secret Dark Spot & Brightening Serum, priced at RM26.80, helps maintain and protect your skin barrier against daily stressors – think our tropical Malaysian weather, dust pollution, and oxidative stress. 

Besides these, Wardah’s line also includes the typical must-haves for your basic cleansing routine. 

Affordable foaming cleanser & exfoliating toner

Wardah Beauty - glowy skin
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Starting off your day with a good face cleanse is almost as important as brushing your teeth. So complete your skincare regimen with cleansing essentials like their Crystal Secret Foaming Cleanser (RM10.35) and Crystal Secret Exfoliating Toner (RM25.70). 

Both products gently slough off dead cells, impurities and makeup that’s chilling in your pores to help bust blemishes, without leaving your skin feeling dry or irritated.

Brightening skincare range from Wardah

Not all of us can commit to a daunting 10-step skincare regimen. But sticking to a handful of staple products will keep your face looking fresh even when you have to work OT.

Wardah’s cruelty-free skincare lines will do the trick, and are suitable even for those with sensitive skin as their products are alcohol-free. Their latest Crystal Secret range, for starters, comprises seven products with soothing and hydrating ingredients like Alpha Arbutin and Tranexamic Acid, and even edelweiss extract that’s sustainably sourced from the Swiss Alps.

FYI, there’s currently a discount on the Crystal Secret Bundle (N.P. RM103.20) on Shopee, now priced at RM72.70. So take your first step towards a more radiant complexion by adding Wardah’s products to your routine – just in time for Raya photos too.

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