TUDM signalman dancing while on duty

Dancing signalman cover pic
Image adapted from: @KL_Reporter

When we’re busy hustling at work from 9AM – 5PM, it’s always good to change things up so that your day won’t be as dull. While some of us are still looking for ways to make work more fun, this man has found a unique approach to get through his mundane day-to-day duties — dancing! 

On Sunday (Aug 4), Kuala Lumpur Reporter tweeted about a signalman busting out some amusing dance moves while carrying out his duties. Sharing an undated clip, they said “Flying a fighter jet is not a mundane job anymore if you have a signal man who knows how to amuse you with his signalling antics.” 

Tweet on dancing signalman
Image credit: @KL_Reporter

It’s definitely a rare sight as you wouldn’t expect to see a guy goofing off right in front of a Royal Malaysian Air Force (TUDM) fighter jet. 

Signalman starts dancing with hilarious ‘hand signals’

Signalman Naruto Run
Image adapted from: @KL_Reporter

In the 30-second clip, we see the signalman with 1 knee on the ground before he begins signalling and for the first few seconds, it all seems normal. A split second after, he settles into a Naruto Run pose while signalling the fighter pilots to dispatch. 

In case you don’t have any idea what the Naruto Run looks like, here’s a picture of it for your reference:

Reference photo for Naruto Run
Image credit: Geek Tyrant

Marches & salutes to TUDM pilots

He then proceeds to the right in some sort of march where he raises his knees up high while crossing and uncrossing his arms. It’s almost reminiscent of aerobic or zumba dance moves.

Dancing signalman marching
Image adapted from: @KL_Reporter

Right before he ends his march, the signalman goes into fighter mode. He descends into a low stance and throws a firm punch. The whole routine ends when he gives a salute to the fighter jet pilots as the aircraft passes him by.

Signalman fighting stance
Image adapted from: @KL_Reporter

TUDM signalman dancing an inspiration 

If you’ve become a fan of him from just watching the short clip, we don’t think you’ll be able to meet the mystery man anytime soon. His face was completely covered in the video so the only way you’d be able to recognise him is if he decides to bust his signature moves somewhere. 

Photo of signalman
Image credit: @KL_Reporter

Even though we’re not sure how the pilots reacted to his little dance routine, he definitely succeeded in giving us a good laugh.

We sometimes find ourselves complaining about the monotony of work and this often takes away any sense of fulfilment from our jobs. It’s inspiring to see this signalman taking a different approach so that he can have fun at work.

We hope this motivates you to find joy in yours too.