Squid Game merchandise on Shopee

Netflix’s Squid Game has been the talk of the town in recent days. Even those who have yet to watch the hit Korean series have most likely seen references to it via pink and green tracksuits, and a giant doll, online.

Malaysia is not left out of the equation. Recently, a mall photoshopped the show’s characters at their premises to ‘scare’ shoppers into following Covid-19 safety measures. Squid Game merchandise has also popped up on Shopee in the form of ubiquitous tracksuits the characters don, and props from the survival show – great for Malaysians wanting to pretend-play and be part of the games.

Uniforms and props from Netflix hit on Shopee

We can find pretty much anything on Shopee – such as when this netizen found a ‘one-day boyfriend experience’ on the shopping platform. Unsurprisingly, this now includes unofficial Squid Game merchandise dupes for passionate followers of the Netflix series.

While tracksuits worn by participants of a mysterious survival game in the show have been compared to regular tracksuits found at athletic clothing shops, sellers on Shopee have taken to adding numbers to the tops to make them look like the real deal.

Squid Game merchandise on Shopee - costumesImage adapted from: Shopee and Shopee

One seller has a jacket (RM58.90) with the numbers “456” emblazoned on the front and back – just like the lead character in the show has on his clothing to signify his participation number. Matching track pants for RM49.90 and a T-shirt from the same shop will help you complete the look.

Another seller gives shoppers the option of becoming participant “001” instead for a similar price instead. Both sellers also let shoppers play on the other team in the games as a pink-clad soldier, listing a pink zip-up sweatshirt and joggers with circles, triangles, and squares printed on both clothing items.

As masks are an important part of the soldiers’ outfits, they are also available to purchase on Shopee from various sellers from RM19.90, with options for different shapes to adorn the front of the mask.

The Front Man’s origami-style black mask is also up for grabs for anyone wanting to take up the anonymous figure who oversees the games. Although we did not spot a costume for the character on Shopee, we reckon an all-black ensemble comprising a coat, gloves, hoodie and pants would do the trick.

Squid Game merchandise on Shopee - enrolment card
Image credit: Shopee

It’s not just clothes from the show that’s been popping up on Shopee.

Several sellers have also put up props from Squid Game for sale. This includes ‘enrolment cards‘ that are given to potential participants – with customisation options for shoppers to have their own phone numbers printed on the back.

There are also dalgona cooking kits (RM55.02) to challenge yourself, or a friend, into whipping up the sweet childhood snack that’s part of a survival game in the show.

Squid Game merchandise on Shopee - kits
Image credit: Shopee

We also spotted metal lunch boxes that the characters eat from when they’re not competing for their lives.

Some have also listed marbles attached to another nail-biting episode in Squid Game – although they don’t look different from regular marbles.

Squid Game merchandise on Shopee - marbles
Image credit: Shopee

Merch and props from Netflix’s Squid Game on Shopee

These Squid Game costume and prop dupes are similar to legit merchandise that Netflix gave to participants who correctly answered questions at their pop-up playground that brought the show to life at Itaewon Station in Seoul, Korea.

As there has yet to be an official Squid Game merchandise drop for viewers from Netflix, these items on Shopee may be the next best thing for followers of the series.

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