Route Five Cafe in Kuala Selangor

We’re regularly scouring the city for cafes with aesthetically pleasing interiors or elaborate themes. But there’s no denying that cafes set amidst nature boast a relaxing charm of their own that most urban cafes cannot achieve.

If you’re yearning for the sound of soothing waves and fresh air, drop by Route Five Cafe in Kuala Selangor. Nestled next to a river, this neighbourhood cafe lets patrons catch views of the sunset while devouring waffles and sipping on sweet lattes on a pier. 

Cafe with a pier that overlooks a serene river

Route Five Cafe - entrance
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Just an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur lies a fishing village with a stretch of huts on stilts by the river banks. Look carefully, and you’ll spot Route Five Cafe – evident from its striking blue-and-white signage and the cluster of people sitting on camping chairs set out on its deck.

Route Five Cafe - inside
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The cafe is pretty cosy in size, with just over ten dining tables set inside an industrial-style space decorated modestly with exposed light bulbs, concrete benches, and wooden furnishings. But what you’ll want to look out for is at the back of the cafe – a pier that extends out over the river.

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The cafe takes full advantage of its close proximity to the serene river with its own private pier – or deck area – and camping chairs set out here for patrons to take in undisturbed views of the waters.

Route Five Cafe - deck
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The views are nothing short of amazing from the pier. Listen to the rippling of the river waves, feel the wind caress your face, and simply bask in the presence of nature as you munch on your food from the cafe. 

Come evening, and the sunset will come in its boldest blaze – a mellow symphony of red, orange, and purple that silhouettes the fisherman boats and forest trees that’ll leave you astounded.

Route Five Cafe - sunset
Image credit: Route Five Cafe 五号公路咖啡馆 

Sit by a pier & sip on unique alcoholic beverages

Route Five Cafe offers a wide variety of food and drinks to accompany you as you soak up the oh-so-pretty views.

Have a leisurely brunch of simple fusion meals – there’s their Signature Chicken Chop (RM16.90) or Fish & Chips (RM22.90) with generous portions. If you need your fill of carbs for the day, order the Japanese Katsu Chicken Curry Rice (RM19.90) or Seafood Spaghetti (RM23.90).

Route Five Cafe - food
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What truly takes the cake at this cafe are their beverages and desserts. There’s an entire menu section dedicated to waffles – palm-sized homemade treats served fresh, fluffy, and buttery. You can even personalise your plate of waffles – opt for Original (RM8) or Chocolate (RM10) to pair with your choice of topping, sauces, or ice cream.

Apart from the classic toppings, they have unique pairings such as Chicken Cheese Popcorn Waffle (RM17), a savoury and sweet mix, or the indulgent, chocolatey Magnum Chocolate Waffle (RM18) that has a whole Magnum ice cream bar resting atop chocolate-drenched waffle.

Route Five Cafe - waffles
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Route Five Cafe gets creative with their coffee too. The Buttermilk Latte (RM9) comes with a layer of frothy buttermilk cream that gives the drink an interesting tang, while the Coconut Water Coffee (RM13) adds a tropical twist to regular coffee. The cafe’s non-coffee beverages are just as good – Honey Kumquat (RM7.50) or Orange Matcha (RM12) are some refreshing drinks that’ll cool you down. 

Route Five Cafe - drinks
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Or grab a seat on the deck and order an alcoholic drink, for satisfying sips over an unmatched view of nature.

Another signature here is the cafe’s sweet tuak – an alcoholic beverage of fermented rice, yeast, and sugar – and beers. Some popular orders are the Tuak Tebu (RM68), a rich sugarcane, rice wine, or Roselle Wine (RM68), which has floral notes. For beers, there are choices such as the Brewlander Respect Porter (RM30) and MD Sour Ale (RM25).

Route Five Cafe - view
Image credit: @routefivecafe

Route Five Cafe is a pet-friendly cafe as well, so do bring along your furbabies to experience the relaxing ambience in adorable company.

Route Five Cafe in Kuala Selangor

Route Five Cafe - sunset
Image credit: Route Five Cafe

Picture this – sipping on wine or craft beer while chowing down on waffles by the river. At Route Five Cafe, you can do all this and more – soak up undisturbed views of the sunset and river, pamper yourself with waffles and more, or take gorgeous shots of the surroundings for your Instagram.

Address: 77, Jalan Bagan Sungai Yu 77, Pasir Penambang, 45000 Kuala Selangor, Selangor
Opening hours: Thu – Mon 12PM-9PM (Closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays)
Telephone: 019-334 4875
Route Five Cafe’s website | Facebook | Instagram

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