Bouquet of banknotes worth RM29,000

When it comes to showing appreciation for our significant other, Malaysians have proven that they can think out of the box. Because while many opt for the usual box of chocolates or flower bouquets, a Malaysian man had our attention not too long ago after he shaved a durian to protect his wife from its thorns while he was courting her.

Adding to the list of creative gift-giving Malaysians, a Sabahan woman from Tawau is going viral after she shared photos online of the massive ringgit bouquet made of rolled-up banknotes worth a whopping RM29,000 that her husband had given to her for her 29th birthday.

No small birthday gift

Bouquet of banknotes - bouquet
Image credit: Royal Gift 

Puan Mazwin Raissyah Rania shared in a post on Facebook on 12th November 2020, the gift she received from her husband, Hamjad. While most of us get well-wishes on our birthdays in the form of gifts or the usual bouquet of flowers, she had the best of both worlds as she got gifted with a bouquet made up of rolled-up ringgit as “flowers” as a surprise from her husband.  

He had done it to commemorate a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, as it was her 29th birthday on 29th September. So rather than just handing over or transferring the large sum of money to her bank account, he fashioned his thoughtful gift into an extravagant bouquet of ringgit “flowers” made from 290 pieces of RM100 banknotes that added up to RM29,000.

Bouquet of banknotes - birthday gift
Image credit: Puan Mazwin Raissyah Rania

According to mStar, Hamjad opted for the unusual bouquet after she told him how trendy these “banknote bouquets” were last year. But as his business had been struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he had to delay the surprise for 2 months after her birthday until he was able to come up with the unique gift that she had asked him for before. 

The impressive results had been no small feat either, as it took 6 individuals and 18 hours of hard work to put together the bouquet. This is because each banknote had to be individually rolled up and then attached to a stick to make up the massive bouquet. 

Took over 18 hours and 6 individuals to make banknote bouquet

The talented team behind the project was Royal Gift, a florist shop in Tawau, whose cheeky business motto is “Money can buy happiness too”. Their Facebook page shows other creative bouquets, and even “cakes”, made up of RM10, RM50, and RM100 notes to suit different budgets. 

Bouquet of banknotes - banknotes cake
Image credit: Royal Gift

If you have a significant other who just can’t get enough of their Mekdi order of fried chicken and fries, they also get creative with it by skipping out on the flowers altogether for fast-food themed bouquets to surprise them with on special occasions.  

Bouquet of banknotes - McDonald's bouquet
Image adapted from: Royal Gift

Ringgit bouquet worth RM29,000

We can’t help but be touched by small gestures from our bae, especially during anniversaries and birthdays. But it’s also the big gestures that leave us stunned – as shown by this giant ringgit bouquet of RM100 banknotes that Mazwin received from her husband. We applaud him for going all out for his wife on her special day, and for giving us gift ideas the next time a special occasion comes up for our loved ones.

If you’re looking to get a just-as-unique bouquet from Royal Gift, you can contact them here for a quote.

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Cover image adapted from: Puan Mazwin Raissyah Rania & Royal Gift

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