M’sian policeman rescues puppy from ditch

M'sian policeman rescues stray dogPoliceman rescues puppy and reunites it with its family
Image adapted from: Ezam Bin Ramli

Malaysia’s police force has been hard at work ensuring Movement Control Orders are instilled, risking themselves to COVID-19 while putting up with flimsy excuses at roadblocks. And while it seems like they already have their hands filled, some even started feeding strays

Showing that they’re there to help out in times of need, a policeman in Shah Alam jumped into a ditch to rescue a puppy that got trapped inside. And his efforts was visibly appreciated by the puppy’s family.

Lost puppy rescued from ditch by policeman

The video of the policeman from Shah Alam was shared online by Facebook user Ezam Bin Ramli, which has now gone viral with over 16,000 reactions and 14,000 shares. His post can be translated from Malay to English as: 

“My friends, let us not be frontline heroes only to humans. This is the instinct of a noble individual. Even a tiny puppy is a living creature made by Allah. Looks like the puppy’s guardians are thankful”. 

Facebook post
Image adapted from: Ezam Bin Ramli

In the 1.5-minute video, a policeman can be seen trying patiently to approach a scared, tail-wagging black puppy from a ditch. And it’s no ordinary longkang by the roadside either – it appears to reach up to his shoulders and is filled partially with water. 

Policeman approaches puppy
The policeman can be seen hobbling his way over to the puppy to avoid the water
Image credit: Ezam Bin Ramli

After almost a minute of trying to lure the puppy towards him to be able to pick it up, the frightened little creature finally stays still for the policeman to gently hoist it up to safety. 

Puppy saved
Image credit:
Ezam Bin Ramli

And while it seems like the end of a sweet story with the puppy safe and sound on the roadside, the camera pans to the left to show a pair of dogs, presumably the puppy’s parents, waiting for the puppy by the ditch. 

A voice in the video can be heard saying, “Ah, that must be his mother and father” in Malay as the pair of dogs greet the puppy with loving licks and wagging tails. 

Puppy reunites with family
Image credit:
Ezam Bin Ramli

No easy task, the policeman can later be seen carefully lifting himself out of the ditch while several fellow police officers and an army officer look on. A shot of police cars parked by the roadside presumably shows that they had pulled over to help the puppy out. 

Police jumps out of ditch
Image credit:
Ezam Bin Ramli

Policeman rescues puppy from ditch

Police officers have been diligently watching over Malaysia’s streets so we can finally come out of the MCO virus-free. Which is why this policeman who saved a puppy while on duty is having us even more thankful for frontliners who are taking their time to keep the public, including strays, safe at this time. 

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