Police arrests riders for breaching COVID-19 SOPs

Many of us are just counting the days for the pandemic to be over as soon as possible so that we can get back to living life the way we used to. But with the Movement Control Order (MCO) still in place, it’s just unwise to go out unnecessarily or gather in public places during this time.

But there are still some who do not pay much attention to the current COVID-19 SOPs and eventually land themselves in trouble for breaking rules. That has been the case for a group of Foodpanda riders in Seremban who were arrested by the police for breaching COVID-19 SOPs.

Riders nabbed by the police for eating together by the roadside

Foodpanda riders at police station
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On 30th June 2021, a Facebook user uploaded a post onto the Foodpanda Rider Malaysia group expressing her dissatisfaction over the arrest of a group of riders who were caught eating together in a public place.

In the viral post, the user questioned the rationale behind the police’s decision for arresting the riders who were only eating by the roadside.

“I don’t understand what the police are so jealous about, to the point of not allowing riders to eat by the roadside. Then, where do you expect them to eat? Netizens who reported them are no different either. Some of these riders travel frequently from Kuala Pilah to [Seremban] and even from KL. So, where do you expect them to eat? Should they go home just for eating then come back?” they wrote.

While the intention of their post may have been to look for people who agree with them, the 2,400 reactions and 1,200 shares showed that Malaysians in general, disagreed with them.

Facebook post of police arresting riders
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Netizens back police’s actions

Although the OP seemed to be dissatisfied with the arrest, netizens have come out in support of the police in the comments section for carrying out their duties faithfully. Many are saying that the arrest is justifiable because the riders were seen gathering in public places which is prohibited during the MCO.

Comment about riders
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One netizen said that the riders were nabbed because they liked to loiter in public places. They said they had once advised the riders not to do so 3 months ago, otherwise someone might report it to the authorities.

Comment about riders
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Meanwhile, another netizen who is also a delivery rider said that they often see riders gathering in public places to eat and loiter. They said what the riders are doing is wrong and they shouldn’t be giving excuses for not observing COVID-19 SOPs.

Comment about riders
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Another Facebook user also commented that they always see Grabfood and Foodpanda delivery riders gathering in public. “Please observe the SOPs. Don’t let your negligence affect other riders too,” he urged.

Police arrest riders for eating together by the roadside

As responsible citizens, we should always observe SOPs set by the government to break the COVID-19 infection chain in our country. It would be more prudent to avoid gathering unnecessarily during the pandemic as it could lead to more infections. We hope this incident involving delivery riders will serve as a good lesson to all of us to not flout the SOPs when we are out.

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