myBurgerLab gets complaints for strict SOP observance

Dine-ins at all eateries are now allowed in Malaysia during the RMCO. And it is a move that has been more than welcomed by us all, as we look forward to returning to our usual food haunts and cafe-hopping excursions after months of ordering takeouts during the MCO. 

But since the fight against COVID-19 is not over, everyone has to adhere to mandatory SOPs such observing social distancing rules and wearing a mask when out in the public. While everyone has had to adjust their mindsets to keep to these SOPs, it’s still a tough fight for eateries who have to keep their cool against customers irritated by the new guidelines while trying to keep their businesses afloat, as shown by a post shared by myBurgerLab on their Facebook page on 9th August.  

Customer complains about SOP that socially distances family members

In the Facebook post, which has garnered over 2,700 reactions at the time of writing, myBurgerLab uploaded a series of screenshots of a conversation with a customer who was unhappy about the restaurant “socially distancing families that live together when they come to dine-in“. 

The customer, whose name has been censored out, called the burger joint “illogical” and “senseless” for social distancing family members at a table during their visit to the restaurant’s outlet in Bangsar. The customer had apparently tried to reason with the manager at the outlet to make an exception to the SOPs as he/she felt that “there’s no need for it” because his/her group comprised of family members.

The customer also said in the message that he/she runs “a company of 500 people” and was “fully aware and respectful of the rules & SOP for preventing [the] spread” of COVID-19. But he/she insisted that the rule at myBurgerLab was “illogical and senseless” which is why the restaurant has “lost [his/her] business”.

myBurgerLab SOP complaint - customer complaint
Image credit: myBurgerLab

myBurgerLab shares their side of the argument

In response, myBurgerLab wrote a lengthy post to say that this customer is but one of many who has filed complaints with them. They also shared that for weeks, their workers have been “scolded and yelled at” and been called “uneducated, misinformed, stubborn, and illogical” for social distancing large groups that included family members and friends.

While they acknowledge and “agree that if a family can stay together and travel together, logically, they can sit together”, myBurgerLab highlights that they will still get summons and be held accountable for breaching SOPs. They also shared that even though they have been struggling to get by financially, as many businesses and individuals are at this time, they do not want to run the risk of filling up the restaurants and get penalised for it.

myBurgerLab SOP complaint - facebook post
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The current SOPs for dine-ins in Malaysia now allows more than 4 people to dine at a table, with no limits on just how many are allowed at a table at a time. But this is only a given if social distancing is still able to be maintained between diners sharing meals, as reported by The Star. The SOPs also state that tables should be set 2 metres apart, while customers should maintain a distance of 1 metre from each other. Otherwise, the customers can be fined up to RM1,000, while the restaurant may face a closure of up to 7 days.

myBurgerLab SOP complaint - response
A screenshot of myBurgerLab’s response to a customer’s complaint
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myBurgerLab SOP complaint - dining area with SOP
Tables are arranged so that social distancing rules can be maintained between customers at myBurgerLab’s outlet at MYTown Shopping Mall.
Image credit: myBurgerLab

Netizens express their support for myBurgerLab

With the post receiving over 500 shares at the time of writing, many netizens have waded into the discussion in the comments section. Many of them, such as Facebook user Karynn Yee-Huey Tan, expressed support for myBurgerLab saying that she respects them for doing the right thing, even though it’s unpopular. She also acknowledged that while she wants to have life returned to normal, and businesses thriving, it’s important to be strict and extra careful with the SOPs.

myburgerlab complaints - screenshot

Image credit: myBurgerLab

Another Facebook user Jlyn Hui also agreed that it is “better to be safe than sorry” and said that she “will definitely go and support [myBurgerLab because] your burgers are my favourite.”

myburgerlab complaints - screenshot 2
Image credit: myBurgerLab

myBurgerLab asks for M’sians’ consideration after getting complaints for SOP observance

While we are eager to have our lives return to normal and dine-out again at our favourite mamaks and cafes, we should spare some consideration for the eateries that are trying to stay afloat while adhering to strict SOPs that require them to ensure that customers who dine-in maintain social distancing rules. 

As the SOPs are in place to help curb the spread of COVID-19 at this time, we should do our best by complying to them so we can finally reach zero cases in Malaysia.

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