“Tong hua” singer turns out to be a generous CEO

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Mention “tong hua” or fairytale, and you can bet that anyone who grew up listening to Chinese radio in the early 2000s will immediately start belting out this mega pop hit. It’s been a long 15 years since the release of “tong hua” and now Michael Wong, or best known as Guang Liang, is the CEO of his own company, XYmusic in Taiwan. 

The Malaysian singer-songwriter from Ipoh has been out of the spotlight for a while now, but his name is now plastered all over headlines across Asia for his generosity towards his employees – think 5-month bonuses and a winter holiday abroad. This time around, Malaysians are no longer swooning over the 2005 love song but over Wong’s big heart.

RM250,000 worth of bonuses in the last 4 years

It came to light that Wong has been handing out 5-month bonuses since 4 years ago, an office tradition that many of us can only dream of. The company’s 6 employees have received a total of RM249,378 over a span of 4 years. If you do the math, it means that each employee managed to bring back an additional amount of about RM10,000 each year. 

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To put that in perspective, unless you’re working in a huge MNC or anything of the like, regular working folks would only be eligible for a 1 or 2-month bonus.

Wong’s manager has also shared to say that the employees of XYmusic are over the moon, and not just because of their bonus. Their CEO’s generous compensation for all their hard work has allowed them to feel a sense of accomplishment with their jobs. 

Team dinners and an upcoming winter holiday

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Wong’s generosity doesn’t just stop at yearly bonuses as he regularly treats the whole team to fancy dinners. For New Years, the XYmusic ensemble got to enjoy a meal at a restaurant located at the Taipei 1010 building. It was said that the meal cost Wong about RM9,000 that night. 

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Wong is now busy preparing for his concert in Taipei on 14 March 2020
Image credit: @michaelxymusic

The singer will also be taking his 6 employees for a winter holiday abroad with his parents. While the location has not been disclosed yet, we can imagine an equally luxurious holiday that matches Wong’s other rewards and compensations thus far.

Yearly bonuses and other company perks 

With Malaysia’s economic situation, we often hear youths voicing out their concerns regarding low salaries and impossible job requirements. When we seem to be regularly confronting companies that don’t have fair practices in place, news like this gives us hope that there are still good companies out there. 

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