The Smart Local Malaysia Team

Our editorial and videography team aims to provide you with a guide to the Klang Valley and beyond, by locals and for locals. We hope reading our articles will give you ideas of things to do and places to go so you’re never bored in Malaysia again!

Kayce TeoKayce Teo
Regional Editor
Kayce loves dachshunds and writes fantasy novels.
Xin Tian KohXin Tian Koh
Regional Sub-Editor
Xin Tian likes creative writing and Red Delicious apples.
Janet ChoJanet Cho
Janet loves to watch cooking shows but is only familiar with 5 recipes, and enjoys rainy days
Siva SelanSiva Selan
Siva is a Beyoncé stan and he’s part of the Beyhive. He loves the Queen Bey so much that he often goes by the name Sivoncé among friends.
Danny KoDanny Ko
Danny once tried a wild experiment – he drank a bottle of Coke mixed with a tube’s worth of Mentos. Thankfully, he’s still alive to produce proper food videos. He’s a truly wild foodie who knows where to eat across the whole of Malaysia, no matter how unconventional.
Dennis KongDennis Kong
Intern Videographer
I cannot live without food, sports and gaming. Three of these could easily just take me off to a stress-free lane.

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