McDonald’s Malaysia is releasing Rilakkuma Happy Meal stationery & they are super adorbs

Image adapted from: Red Chili 21 and McDonald’s Malaysia

The adorable Rilakkuma has long made his way into the hearts of Malaysians with his laid-back personality that probably comes from his name which literally translates to ‘relax bear’. If you find this lazy but cute bear #relatable, you may want to head down to your local McDonald’s and get yourself a Happy Meal as Rilakkuma stationery will be available in all McDonald’s outlets from 25th July – 21st August 2019. 


Image credit: McDonald’s Malaysia

There will be 8 stationery items up for grabs as they are releasing 2 each week during the month. This means you’ll need to schedule your time for your weekly visit to this popular burger joint. 

Rilakkuma & his best sidekicks

If there’s Rilakkuma, there’ll always be Korilakkuma by his side because fans know that the two bears hardly ever spend time apart. Not only will you be able to get Rilakkuma stationery, you can add the young mischievous bear cub to your collection as well! There’s also Chairoikoguma, also known as Kogumachan – the most recent addition to the franchise – to complete the trio. 

Image credit: San-x

You might be wondering where Kiiroitori – the yellow bird who always seems to take on the parental figure to the two bears – is. Though it is not featured as a solo stationery item, you’ll be able to spot Kiiroitori in some of the stationery where the whole gang is there.

Rilakkuma Happy Meal’s 8 cute collectibles

These are the 8 Rilakkuma-themed stationery that will only be available for a month. If you’re a fan, you may want to start collecting them now!

Image adapted from: Red Chili 21

In the 1st week, McDonald’s will start us off with the Rilakkuma Music Photo Frame and Chairoikoguma Pencil Topper set. The photo frame will sit nicely on your desk with a photo of your loved ones, while the pencil topper will hopefully be the cute face you need to see to push through with your studying. You’ll also receive a Rilakkuma-themed pencil and pen to go along with the pen topper.

Your Happy Meals in the 2nd week will come with the Rilakkuma Beach Pen Case – so that you won’t misplace any pencils – and Rilakkuma & Friends Roll Sticker that is perfect for your decorating needs. 

Image adapted from: Red Chili 21

In the 3rd week, you will get the Rilakkuma Soccer Calendar to help you keep track of important dates, and the Korilakkuma Gymnast Ruler that will make measuring a joy. 

In the final week, there is the Korilakkuma Badminton Stamper that’ll let you leave imprints of cute little bear faces. There’s also the Rilakkuma Swimming Storage Box to keep your precious trinkets safe. 

Rilakkuma Happy Meals at McDonald’s Malaysia

A McDonald’s Happy Meal is sure to brighten up any kid’s day and leave them with a wide grin as they chomp on their food. But with this release of Rilakkuma stationery, the magic of Happy Meals will no doubt capture the imaginations of adults too who can’t get enough of this adorable bear.

Start your collection once it hits local McDonald’s outlets on 25th July 2019. Doing work doesn’t have to be boring as long as you have these cute things by your desk. 


Image credit: Line