Malaysia recovery rates tops new COVID-19 cases

Malaysia recovery rates top new cases
COVID-19 recovery rates top new cases in Malaysia.
Image adapted from: Malay Mail 

As we’re now entering Phase 3 of Movement Control Order (MCO), which sees additional safety measures, many of us have gotten used to staying at home from wanting virus-free streets. 

While it’s been difficult – and even tougher on those on the frontlines – Malaysians can take pride in little wins right now. This includes Malaysia’s latest COVID-19 numbers that have been showing almost more recoveries than new cases in the past few days.

COVID-19 rates in Malaysia at a glance

According to the Ministry of Health (KKM), there are currently 4,987 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Malaysia as of 14th April 2020. While numbers seem to have skyrocketed in the past month, Malaysia has also seen a total of 2,478 recovered patients

This puts the ratio of recovered to new cases at an impressive 49.69%. 

Data on 14th April
Update from KKM on COVID-19 cases in Malaysia as of 14th April 2020.
Image credit: @KKMPutrajaya

Another win for Malaysia, is that there have been more recovered cases recorded than new cases over the past 2 days. There have also been frequent days where recoveries can be seen topping new cases in the past week as well. This has been led in part by stricter measures in Phase 2 of MCO.

Graph for new cases
Discharged patients keeping up with the amount of new COVID-19 confirmed cases in Phase 2 of MCO.
Image credit: @myhealthkkm

Malaysia ranks 4th in SEA for COVID-19 response

Image credit:
DG Hisham

Achieving these numbers hasn’t been an easy feat. We’ve seen frontliners having to tough it out to keep streets safe, and heard news of 9,000 fined and 4,000 arrested for defying MCO orders

It’s not a surprise then, to hear that Malaysia recently ranked 4th in Southeast Asia for its strict measures to tackle COVID-19, as reported by The Star on 12th April. This is based on MCO orders that currently includes closure of schools and offices, and a nationwide halt on public events. 

While we’ll miss shopping at pasar malams for Ramadan in result, this has helped Malaysia step down as the country with the most COVID-19 cases in Southeast Asia as reported in March.

Southeast Asia COVID-19 graph
COVID-19 cases seen at a glance in Southeast Asia.
Image adapted from: CSIS

COVID-19 recoveries top new cases in Malaysia

With how things are looking in Malaysia, even as we’re entering into another extended period of MCO, skies seem to be clearing way for virus-free streets. But the battle is still underway, and we can help things continue on this path by staying at home and adhering to MCO orders. 

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