Street art murals at 3 KFC outlets in KL & PJ

If it isn’t pasar malams or the mall, you’ll find young Malaysians lepak-ing at fast-food joints. This list includes KFC – which has been dubbed “Kepciby locals – that’s been keeping up with us youngins by dabbling into streetwear last year to celebrate Malaysian culture, while letting us rep them and local brands on the streets.

This year, they’ve partnered up with advertising agency Naga DDB Tribal and well-known Malaysian graffiti artist Kenji Chai for 3 new street art murals to celebrate our rich Malaysian culture once again. You can find them at outlets in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya – which will give you all the more reasons to drop by for crispy fried chicken and shots for the ‘gram.

Colourful art murals to show off Malaysian culture

KFC street art murals in KL and PJ - KFC Sri Hartamas street art mural
Part of one of three murals in KFC’s outlet Sri Hartamas
Image adapted from: @bj40malaysia

There are over 600 KFC outlets in Malaysia – but only 3 of them in Klang Valley now boast colourful street art on their building facades that show off Malaysia’s rich culture and love for KFC. This includes their outlets in Sea Park and 5 Barat in PJ, and Sri Hartamas in KL, with different art murals designed by Chai at each respective location.

KFC street art murals in KL and PJ - KFC Sri Hartamas street art mural
Mural at KFC Sri Hartamas

Image adapted from: @hazelui

For those of you who haven’t heard of Chai yet, he’s a street artist from Sabah who’s been adding pops of colour to buildings in KL and abroad. He’s also known for his trademark artwork featuring a turquoise dog with a wagging tongue that can be found around Malaysia.

But for these art murals, he’s traded in this familiar dog to capture distinct features of Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures at the three KFC locations. 

KFC street art murals in KL and PJ - Sea Park KFC art mural
Art mural in Sea Park
Image adapted from: KFC Malaysia

Called KFC Cara Kita – or “KFC Our Way” in English – these art murals celebrate KFC’s presence in Malaysia since 1973 alongside Malaysia’s diverse cultures. So you’ll see some of our country’s most beloved visual symbols put on display in colourful designs of women in both traditional wear and modern clothes.

This includes a Chinese lady showing a finger heart and wearing a, well, KFC bucket hat. 

KFC street art murals in KL and PJ - KFC 5 Jalan Barat PJ
Image credit: @roslyn_nelson

Her headgear also sports other familiar KFC sights, such as buckets of crispy chicken, red-and-white stripes and Colonel Sanders himself, as well as bowls of coleslaw.

Not missing out on familiar Malaysian images either, the murals also feature bas sekolah-s, our national flower and bird, and palm trees hiding out in the mix for a fun game of I Spy while you’re grabbing shots with these murals. 

Art murals took over 6 months to complete

According to a report from Marketing Interactive, these impressive street art murals spanning 3 locations took over 6 months to be designed. But it only took 14 days for the art to come alive on the buildings. 

KFC street art murals in KL and PJ - process
Image credit:

All hands on deck, members of Naga DDB Tribal also swung by on site to help out by giving these buildings a new coat of grey paint for Chai’s designs to be painted on. 

KFC street art murals in KL and PJ - KFC art process
Image credit: @raychelwho

There will also be a commemorative video filmed by Project Room, a local film company, that will be released on Malaysia Day. It’ll show off the efforts of Chai and the team at Naga DDB Tribal, and mark the important day in Malaysia’s history on 16th September through KFC’s Cara Kita campaign. You can expect it to be released on KFC’s official social media accounts. 

KFC buildings in Klang Valley get a facelift with street art murals

Malaysia is a multicultural country, with several rich cultures to make up our unique Malaysian culture. With Malaysia Day just around the corner, these street art murals at KFC is a reminder of all of this while we’re hitting up our usual lepak spots.

So if you’re planning to swing by one of these three KFC locations with new art murals, be sure to follow SOPs and tag #KFCCaraKita while you’re sharing your shots to your social media pages. Who knows, the fast-food joint may just take notice of your cool photos.

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Cover image adapted from: @roslyn_nelson, @hazelui, KFC Malaysia

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