In The Tent in Mount Austin, JB

Come rain or shine, we’re always up for a round of steaming hotpot for hearty soup to warm our souls. While most of us beeline to the nearest malls to hunt out popular ones such as Haidilao and Xiao Long Kan, you’ll want to check out In The Tent in Mount Austin. 

They are located on the rooftop of The Rhythm, a KTV spot, so you’ll be feasting on hotpot under the stars here. Instead of the usual tables enclosed within the walls of a restaurant, you’ll be dining inside cosy tents over steaming hotpot. 

Cosy tents for dinner under the stars

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A round of hotpot usually brings on a sweat sesh if there’s no air-conditioning. But rest assured, all 12 of In The Tent’s tents come equipped with fans and portable air-conditioners for maximum comfort. 

They are pretty spacious too, with tables inside able to seat 2-6 or 5-9 people. 

In The Tent in JB - tent
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Hotpots aren’t the only thing that the restaurant serveslokloks of meats and seafood are also part of their menu. You can opt for tables outside the tents to strictly feast on these barbecued options, as the tents are reserved for those coming by for their hotpots and barbecue. 

They also invite a live band every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to amp up your dining experience here too. 

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As In The Tent is located on the 5th floor and rooftop of the building it is in, you’ll be treated to pretty impressive views of nearby mountain-scapes and the quiet neighbourhood town below. 

Heart-shaped hot pots & barbecued meats

Like all hotpot restaurants, you’ll start your dinner by choosing your preferred soup base. Here, you’ll get to choose 2 broths. The restaurant’s recommended ones are black-bone chicken – a clear and rich broth – and their seriously spicy mala

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They have set meals that package a variety of ingredients – great for those who find it hard to choose specific ingredients, or want to try a bit of everything. Their Signature Sudoku Set A (RM78) is able to satisfy 2-3 people, and great for couples swinging by. It comes with 16 ingredients such as pork belly, crab meat, beancurd roll and fish noodles. 

Their Signature Sudoku Set B (RM158) feeds up to 5, with 24 ingredients that include barramundi slices and Japanese boiled scallops. 

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Or choose your own a la carte ingredients to cook up. You’ll be spoilt with choices, with classic steamboat options of seafood tofu (RM4) and pork meatballs (RM8), and premium meat slices, such as Marbled Beef (RM32) and even Iberico Sliced Pork Shoulder Butt (RM25).

There’re also seafood options, such as Abalone (RM24/2pcs), Tiger Prawns (RM15/4pcs) and Grouper Fish (RM32).

Consider giving their signature dishes a try too. Those worth checking out include their Mala Fuzhou Fish Balls (RM6/5pcs), for mala-spiced fish balls, as well as Salted Egg Chicken Dumpling (RM9/5pcs) and Lobster Balls (RM7/4pcs). 

There’re also vegetarian-friendly options. Their Single Vegetarian Hot Pot Set Meal (RM36) comes with 12 ingredients such as tofu, fuchok and mushrooms. 

In The Tent - hotpot
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For small bites, lokloks of skewered prawns and marinated meats are all priced at RM2.50/stick. Those who managed to snag a tent will get to grill these up yourselves at the electric grill at your tables. 

If you’re sitting at the alfresco area, there are common grills located next to the fridge of skewered ingredients for you to grill up your selections. 

Dine on hotpot at In The Tent in Johor Bahru

Dining on hotpots is a regular thing for those of us who enjoy a mix of ingredients to go with steaming flavourful broths. But In The Tent is taking our usual dining experience up a notch, with a setting in aesthetic and cosy tents under the stars, and live music too. 

So whether for dates, or hangouts with your friends, this spot is worth considering the next time you’re craving hotpots or barbecued meats. 

Address: No. 55-04, 5th Floor, Jalan Austin Heights 8/7, Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru
Opening hours: 4PM-12AM, Daily
Telephone: 013-787 8782
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