Malaysian mechanic’s easy tip on how to push a car

We have all had that fear of our cars breaking down in the middle of a highway, late at night, and with no one in sight to help. Okay, to be fair, we can always use our phones to call for assistance. But if there’s a car workshop nearby, it turns out that we can avoid paying an exorbitant fee for the tow truck and push our cars by ourselves.

Pushing your own car might seem like daunting work, but a Malaysian car technician Carlson Chia, who goes by the username @carlsonchia_oe on TikTok, is here to debunk your fears. His quick tutorial showing viewers how they can push their cars themselves has since gone viral with over 91,000 likes and almost a million views on TikTok at the time of writing.

How to push a car easily

Speaking in Malay, Chia started off his video by playfully saying that even those with a skinny frame can push their own car provided they know the right technique.

car pushing tutorial gif

The frame then cuts to him showing viewers the first thing to do in the event of any emergency: turning on your hazard lights so that you won’t jeopardise yourself and other motorists. Once that’s done, shift the gear to neutral and push down the hand brake as well.

car pushing tutorial gif

The most insightful tip, unheard of to many, was how to use your seat belt to help push your car. Chia showed viewers how to pull the seat belt of the driver’s seat all the way to its maximum length, strap it over your shoulders, and close the door.

car pushing tutorial screen grab
Image credit: @carlsonchia_oe

Keeping your seat belt over your shoulders while pushing your car will help prevent your arms from getting tired out, as the seat belt uses your back and core strength to haul the car as you push, making the task less draining.

car pushing tutorial gif

After you’re all strapped up, hold onto the steering wheel so that you can still manoeuvre your car, and you’re good to push!

car pushing tutorial screen grab
Image credit: @carlsonchia_oe

TikTok videos of funny, easy-to-understand vehicle tips

Apart from his car-pushing tutorial, Chia is an active TikToker who mainly shares vehicle-related tips and tricks on his channel. He has over 220,000 followers as of now, a number that’s an impressive feat for a social page.

carlson tiktok profile screen grab
Image credit: @carlsonchia_oe

It’s not hard to see why Chia has a huge following. Vehicle terms are often boring and hard to comprehend for most people. But Chia narrates and films his videos with a lighthearted tone, using simple explanations, and sometimes incorporates humour for extra gags.

carlson tiktok video gif

Handy vehicle tips to learn

In all seriousness, those who drive regularly in Malaysia should definitely pick up some basic handyman tips. You don’t have to memorise your vehicle manual from front to back, but being familiar with the essentials such as knowing how to change a tire, identifying when your engine or battery has malfunctioned, and more are survival skills that may seriously come in handy one day.

And if you happen to be in Ipoh and need some help with your car – you can always visit Chia at CL Auto & Tyre Service at Taman Mas Falim where he works!

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Cover image adapted from: @carlsonchia_oe

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