Support sheltered pets with Shop For H.O.P.E

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, animal shelters in Malaysia always welcomed helping hands and donations. With shelters busier than usual, as more animals have been needing help during the MCO – like this poor doggo that was abandoned by its owner not too long ago – the shelters are in need of more support.

With many of us facing financial woes at this time, it’s understandable that helping out can be difficult even if we have a soft spot for animals. This is why animal shelter H.O.P.E, or Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist, has teamed up with Mars Petcare, a supplier of pet products, for its “Shop For H.O.P.E” campaign, so pet owners can support sheltered pets at this time when they purchase treats or food from Whiskas and Pedigree‘s official store on Shopee. 

Animal shelter in Johor with heart for homeless pets

Shop For H.O.P.E animal shelter
Sheltered dogs at H.O.P.E
Image credit: HOPE 希望护生园

If you haven’t heard about H.O.P.E, they are an NGO animal shelter for homeless pets based in Pekan Nenas, Johor. They take in stray doggos and cattos in hopes of finding them new homes after caring for them. They also have a no-kill policy that sees them providing permanent homes for those animals that are badly injured, or cannot find suitable adopters. 

Many of these animals are found by individuals around town. But it’s not just dogs and cats that they care for; a badly injured monkey was once a resident at their shelter too. 

Shop For H.O.P.E animal shelter
H.O.P.E houses a limited number of cats at their shelter’s cat zone area, as cats are known to like their personal space. But they are planning on expanding. 
Image credit: HOPE 希望护生园

Currently, H.O.P.E houses over 3,000 dogs and 200 cats. According to a Facebook post they shared in October 2020, around 80 15kg bags of food are needed to feed the animals in the shelter daily, as they wait to get adopted. That translates into 2,400 bags a month, with a whopping cost of RM140,000.

Along with this, expenses for canned food for any unwell furry friends with poor appetites, as well as medical care, is on their priority list for supplies every month too. 

Shop For H.O.P.E animal shelter
The amount of pet food needed for a day at H.O.P.E

Image credit: HOPE 希望护生园

Buy pet food to help out local animal shelter

H.O.P.E has been relying on support from donors to keep their animals happy and healthy. So to give them an extra helping hand, Mars Petcare partnered with them for a Shop For H.O.P.E campaign on Shopee to raise at least RM10,000 to help feed their sheltered animals. 

To help them reach this goal, 10% from every purchase of Whiskas or Pedigree food or treats listed on their official Shopee page will be converted into pet supplies that’ll benefit H.O.P.E.

Shop For HOPE animal shelter
Image adapted from: Shopee

This deal lasts until 6th December 2020, and you can expect to see your share of pet treats and food. But make the most of bulk options up for grabs, such as Whiskas’ Cat Wet Food (RM39.90/24pcs) and Pedigree’s Dry Dog Food (RM103.25 for 4 3kg bags).

Shopee will conveniently deliver all your items to your doorstep, so it’s a good option for those who live alone and struggle to lug pet supply purchases home after a shopping spree.

To sweeten the deal, there are also vouchers of RM7 off purchases over RM70, and RM10 off purchases over RM100 available for customers.

Shop For HOPE animal shelter
Whiskas and Pedigree’s official Shopee store has pet treats for sale too
Image adapted from: Shopee

Those who want donate directly to H.O.P.E will also get to do so easily on Shopee. There are donations of RM10, RM20, and RM50 available for purchase as well that you can simply add to your cart. For these “purchases”, 100% of proceeds will go to H.O.P.E.

Besides providing food for their animals with the funds, they are also aiming to improve and expand animal-care facilities at their shelter. An in-house infirmary fitted with medical equipments to treat their sheltered animals is currently in the works.

Shop for pet supplies to benefit H.O.P.E animal shelter

We’ve been seeing our share of animal shelters in the headlines recently undergoing weather and financial woes. So if you’re thinking of sharing in the merry spirit of giving at this time, consider stocking up on pet supplies at Whiskas and Pedigree’s official Shopee page to lend a hand to sheltered animals too.

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Cover image adapted from: Shopee & HOPE 希望护生园

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