Malaysian home bakeries on Instagram 

With the MCO being re-implemented in most of Malaysia to help curb the spread of the virus, it seems like we have no choice but to put our gatherings on hold for the time being. Still, it doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate special occasions at all.

Birthdays, anniversaries, and other festive occasions can still be treated like a special day. All you have to do is to order a custom cake or pastries and send them to your loved ones to make their day feel a little more merry. And these 8 home bakeries on Instagram selling and delivering incredibly gorgeous and scrumptious baked goods and sweet treats are here to deliver.

1. @autumnbakebykx – Korean cream cakes 

@autumnbakebykx korean cream cakesImage credit: @autumnbakebykx

Autumn Bake By KX specialises in Korean cream cakes that are starting to become all the rage now.

These cakes are typically covered with lots of fresh cream and take on a more simple design as compared to fondant cakes, often donning a minimalist and aesthetically pleasing look. So for those who are not fans of elaborate and over-the-top cakes, Korean cream cakes can be an alternative for your celebrations instead. 

Prices start from RM85 for a 6-inch cake that serves 10. Flavours include honey vanilla, salted caramel, double chocolate, and matcha.

2. @lilianshomemadecake – simple and pretty chiffon cakes 

@lilianshomemadecake chiffon cakeImage adapted from: @lilianshomemadecake

Lilian’s Homemade Cake gained popularity when they first released their Earl Grey and Hojicha Chiffon Cakes.

Not only do these chiffon cakes look extremely fluffy and soft to the touch, they’re also topped with an oozy layer of whipping cream that makes their cakes look so darn irresistible.

Flavours-wise, you can opt for earl grey, hojicha, pandan, orange, dark chocolate, or earl grey boba milk tea. Prices start from RM58 for a 6-inch cake that serves 10.

Other cakes on their menu at the moment include the Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Burnt Cheesecake.

3. @schewy.cookies – gooey, melt-in-your-mouth cookies 

@schewy.cookies chocolate chip cookiesImage credit: @schewy.cookies

Schewy sells homemade cookies that look extremely mouth-watering, especially when you break the cookie and pull it apart to reveal a gooey, sticky centre.

Their cookies are sold in a box of 12, with flavours ranging from the classic Chewy Chocolate Chip (RM45/box), to more daring combinations such as the Truffle Chocolate (RM80/box).

The classic chocolate chip cookies are apparently so gooey that the chocolate filling melts in your mouth. Those with sharp taste buds have also noted that there’s a hint of sea salt in the cookies which gave them a nice savoury aftertaste.

4. @dulcebakes.kl – mini burnt cheesecakes

@dulcebakes.kl mini burnt cheesecakesImage credit: @dulcebakes.kl

Dulce Bakes’s burnt cheesecakes come in a range of uncommon flavours that definitely sound intriguing and appetising enough to warrant a try.

You can expect unique flavours of matcha black sesame, onde-onde brulee, pandan coconut, and taro, alongside classic hojicha and matcha flavours.

Best part is, you don’t have to settle for just one flavour as they offer a box of 4 mini burnt cheesecakes (RM75) so you can try a few different flavours at one go.

Those who want a bigger cake to cater to a larger group can also get  6-inch cakes (from RM85 each) and 7-inch cakes (from RM100 each) that will yield up to 12 and 14 slices respectively.

5. @donut_plan – brioche doughnuts

@donut_plan brioche donutsImage credit: @donut_plan

Unlike normal doughnuts that are fried and hollower on the inside, Donut Plan’s brioche doughnuts have a bread-like consistency which makes them fluffier and tastier. And because they are not deep fried with a lot of oil, they won’t have the oily aftertaste that traditional doughnuts usually do.

Their doughnuts are also coated with shiny glazes of different colours and flavours, which makes them all the more appealing. 

Priced at around RM5 a piece with a minimum order of 6 doughnuts, you can pick between Cinnamon, Madagascar Vanilla, Lemon Poppyseed, Hojicha Biscoff, White Chocolate Raspberry, and even Maple Beef Bacon, to name a few.

6. @nezukobakery – bursting cream puffs 

@nezukobakery cream puffsImage credit: @nezukobakery

Nezuko Bakery will have every cream puff lover salivating as their cream puffs are stuffed with a huge serving of fresh cream.

Priced at around RM50 for a box of 9, you can mix and match between their matcha, hojicha, vanilla, and espresso flavours.

Fillings aside, Nezuko Bakery nails their puffs to perfection too, as customers have commended the crispy texture and buttery taste.

They also serve mini cheesecakes, cheese tarts, and fruit cake boxes if you’re looking for more variety.

7. @sweetbakes_bytrixie – halal baked goods 

@sweetbakes_bytrixie ube flan cupcakesImage credit: @sweetbakes_bytrixie

Sweet Bakes by Trixie pride themselves on being halal-certified so it’s perfect for all our Muslim friends.

They have gooey cookies on their menu, but you should go for the Ube Flan Cupcakes (RM40 for a box of 6) as these are not as easily found elsewhere in Malaysia.

Ube flan cupcake is a Filipino dessert that combines ube (yam) and leche flan (the custard top).The result is an earthy, creamy, and sweet treat packaged as a unique-looking dessert.

8. @kneadandstuff – gorgeous-looking mini eclairs 

@kneadandstuff mini eclairsImage credit: @kneadandstuff

Knead And Stuff claims to be a choux specialist in their bio and we definitely can’t disagree. If you’re wondering what “choux” means, it’s French for light pastry. This pastry is usually used in profiteroles and eclairs, with the latter being Knead And Stuff’s pièce de résistance.

Not only are their mini eclairs downright gorgeous, they are also available in a variety of scrumptious flavours such as salted caramel, Nutella, and more.

The mini eclairs measure up to 6cm in size and are priced at RM80 for 12 pieces and RM110 for 18 pieces.

Home bakeries on Instagram that deliver around Klang Valley

Whether you’re a fan of cream cakes, cookies, eclairs, or doughnuts, there’s something on this list of home bakeries on Instagram that will catch your eye and invigorate your appetite at the same time.

Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, these treats will add that oomph to your pictures – just what you need to commemorate a special occasion indeed. 

For more Instagram shops, check these out:

Cover image adapted from: @lilianshomemadecake, @kneadandstuff, and @sweetbakes_bytrixie

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