Happi Village in Janda Baik

Busy city dwellers can probably relate to craving a peaceful break from the chaos of the concrete jungle and our hectic schedules. The sound of a staycay, surrounded by nothing but greenery and refreshing nature sounds of the forest, is just what we all need.

Enter Happi Village, a nature resort tucked away in a lush forest in Janda Baik. Located only an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur, you can spend a night in rustic rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, soak away your stress in an outdoor bathtub, or hike through a forest reserve to catch views of a waterfall.

Rustic resort surrounded by lush greenery

Happi Village - room
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Happi Village is a located in the village of Janda Baik, which is about a 45-minute drive from KL.

Happi Village - tub
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If you’re planning a trip to Genting Highlands and need a place to park yourself for the night, this nature retreat with its various facilities – including private outdoor bathtubs – is also located just 30 minutes from the hill station city. 

Happi Village - room
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With industrial aesthetics that blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings, the resort is modern yet rustic, with rooms featuring huge glass doors and windows, bare concrete walls, and wood furnishings.

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The result is a tastefully decorated and comfortable space tucked in the middle of a forest – perfect for weekend getaways with the fam or friends.

Happi Village - rooms Image credit: Happi Village

Immerse yourself in nature from bed

Happi Village - rooms
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Happi Village comprises stacked accommodations that let guests fully immerse themselves in nature, without having to sacrifice on the comforts of a typical hotel room.

Happi Village - bed
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Each room has large windows that overlook the forest, as well as cosy reading nooks in top-floor rooms and balconies on the ground floor.

Happi Village - bathtubImage credit: @sue.bhrnl

Aside from its spacious rooms, guests can also soak in bathtubs, found in each room. A stay at their upper-floor rooms lets you hop in an outdoor bathtub, to take the experience a notch up.  

Happi Village - poolImage credit: @maggie19c

If not, there’s a chlorine-free dipping pool that’s filled with mountain water and saltwater, so you can bask in the sun while enjoying the breeze and cool water.

The prices for rooms are as follows, which include complimentary breakfast: 

  • Room @ Ground Floor: RM500/night
  • Premium Room @ Ground Floor: RM550/night
  • Room @ Upper Floor: RM550/night

Waterfall, fruit orchard & jungle trekking

They are a pet-friendly resort, which is a plus for animal lovers.
Image credit: @happivillage

Relaxing in the heart of nature tucked away in bed may sound lovely, but there are various laidback activities to check out at Happi Village too.

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For a stress-free activity that involves interacting with nature, explore the retreat’s Happi Eco Farm, where you can discover fresh passion fruits and figs. Or simply unwind with a warm cup of coffee or tea while admiring the tranquil surroundings on a hammock.

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Those who want to squeeze in a short adventure during their stay can also go on a jungle trek at a nearby Pahang reserve forest to reach a waterfall – this activity lets you work your glutes while exploring a scenic forest.

Happi Village - shared space
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Foodies can also enjoy local produce by planning a barbecue party at an outdoor built-in barbecue pit, located at the resort’s common lounge area. Or, reserve seats at their open-air farm-to-table dining area to feast on wood-fired pizza or a hearty steamboat meal.

The resort also serves a limited number of curated gourmet meals, which is suitable for couples on a romantic getaway who want to splurge on an intimate candlelit dinner surrounded by nature.

Happi Village, a nature retreat in Janda Baik

Bookmark Happi Village if you want a quick nature getaway surrounded by trees. It features rooms with charming wooden-meets-concrete interior, which makes it an ideal spot for a relaxing and picturesque weekend staycay.

Address: Lot A848, PT 14333, Kampong Janda Baik, Bentong, Pahang
Opening hours: 24 hours, Daily
Telephone: 012-321 7215
Happi Village Website | Facebook | Instagram

Cover image adapted from: @nickychin, Happi Village, and Happi Village

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