Hafiz Hamidun criticises cosplay at vaccination centres

While Malaysia ramps up inoculation against Covid-19, people have been going viral for wearing fun costumes to vaccination centres to entertain our healthcare workers, dressing up as Sailor Moon and Black Panther, among others for their appointments. While most people find these acts funny, a Malaysian singer is criticising the cosplay and telling people to steer clear from wearing peculiar outfits to vaccination centres.

Dress up appropriately for vaccination, says singer Hafiz Hamidun

Malaysian singer Hafiz Hamidun
Image credit: Hafiz Hamidun

Yesterday, 18th August 2021, Harian Metro reported that musician Hafiz Hamidun feels that people should be dressing up appropriately for their vaccination appointments.

The 37-year-old singer and composer’s view came after several viral incidents involving Malaysians who had worn fun costumes to Covid-19 vaccination centres trended on social media.

These acts are widely accepted in Malaysia as people realise they are meant to entertain and cheer up healthcare frontliners who are working tirelessly during the pandemic.

However, Hafiz feels that these “awkward” costumes are uncalled for and that people should just stick to wearing normal clothes when going for their vaccination appointments.

“Just dress up neatly to get the vaccine. It’s just a vaccine. There’s no need for gimmicks until you have to wear your wife’s night-tee or become a ghost. I don’t know if this is a marketing strategy or what. At first, it was kind of entertaining, but after some time, it’s kinda scary,” he was quoted as saying by Harian Metro.

Netizens disagree with Hafiz’s views on cosplaying

Malaysians are generally disagreeing with Hafiz’s views on cosplaying as many could be seen defending the act in the comments section of Harian Metro’s post.

Netizen defending cosplaying at PPV
Image credit: Harian Metro

Netizen Norazlan Abdul Aziz is among those who defended the act, saying it entertains a lot of people. “It puts a smile on people’s faces, which is better than condemning,” he said.

Netizen defending cosplaying at PPV
Image credit: Harian Metro

Another netizen wrote, “Let them be. Even those who work at the vaccination centres don’t mind.” They also suggesting that the cosplaying was done with the intention to entertain people at vaccination centres.

Netizen defending cosplaying at PPV
Image credit: Harian Metro

Meanwhile, Facebook user Ty Has identified that she is one of them who wore a costume to a vaccination centre. She explained that her motive to do so was to convince Malaysians to get vaccinated. She said a lot of people are either scared of getting vaccinated or do not believe in vaccines. So, it is necessary to engage in such acts to create appeal.

Ty Has also talked about how exhausted healthcare frontliners are during this period and cosplaying is one of the things that entertain them. “You’re an artist too. Why not you do something to entertain them for free?” she addressed the singer.

Singer Hafiz Hamidun criticises cosplay at PPVs

Although Hafiz is entitled to his set of thinking, it is important to remember that, like the netizens said, the cosplay is done to entertain the frontliners and to raise awareness for vaccination. As long as the motives are pure, and SOPs are adhered to, there is likely no harm done by wearing costumes to one’s vaccination appointment.

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