Online grocery delivery in Malaysia

With the Movement Control Order recently implemented in Malaysia over the spike of COVID-19 cases, Malaysians have been in a flurry at supermarkets trying their best to prepare for what’s to come while we go into hibernation mode for 2 weeks.  

Food suppliers are to remain open during this period so there’s no reason to stockpile – but if you want to skip the queues, consider getting groceries from these grocery stores in Malaysia that have online grocery delivery services. That way you’ll be getting your fill of food while practising social distancing from the comfort of your couch. 

1. Shojikiya – online Japanese grocery delivery

Shojikiya Japanese ramen
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If you’ve recently dropped by Ichiran Ramen’s pop-up store in KL and can’t get enough of slurpy noodles while you’re staying at home, you’ll want Shojikiya on your radar. This Japanese food store has over 14 outlets throughout Klang Valley, but you can have the same selection of imported Japanese ramens, snacks, and cooking essentials from their online store. 

You can find them at major malls such as NU Sentral and 1 Utama, but they have online delivery services too.
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Avid snackers will find much-needed joy during this period, with all sorts of snacks to keep those hunger pangs at bay as you catch up on the latest Netflix releases. There is a series of Meiji chocolate snacks such as Hello Panda Family Pack (RM28/260g) and Japanese potato chips, as well as Nissin Japanese ramen (from RM4.50) with different flavours. 

Shojikiya Japanese snacksGet Japanese snacks to binge on while you’re working from home or self-quarantining
Image credit: Shojikiya 正直屋

You’ll also get 10% off your first online purchase by registering an account with them instead of checking out as a guest. 

Delivery fee: RM8
Shop at Shojikiya here.

2. MyGroser – ready-to-cook meal kits

Food businesses are staying open only for take-outs and deliveries, which is a relief for those of us who can’t cook. But with all the free time we’ll now have at home, try your hand at cooking by getting ready-to-cook meal kits from MyGroser.  

This online grocery delivery store has everything you need, from beauty to household products, meat and seafood, frozen packs of nuggets and fishes, and even fresh bakes like bread, cakes and pastries. 

MyGroser Salmon Rice Bowl
Salmon rice bowl that you can prepare in 20 minutes
Image adapted from: MyGroser

But don’t miss out on their Ready-To-Cook line of Asian and Western dishes, including comfort food offerings of Malaysia-Style Ramli Burger (RM21.70) that feeds up to 4, and fancy plates of Penne Arrabiata (RM21.50) for 2 and Red Pepper Chicken Rice (RM37) for 6. 

MyGroser ready meal kits
Try out your hand at cooking with MyGroser’s meal kits, which comes with all the ingredients you need for a fuss-free cooking experience
Image credit: MyGroser

These kits all come with sliced vegetables and ingredients measured for you so you can go waste-free. There is also a recipe guide with simple steps to follow, so even beginners can take them on. 

Delivery fee: From RM8 | Free delivery for orders over RM100
Shop online at MyGroser here.

3. Big Box Asia – cashback on all orders

Big Box Asia
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Big Box Asia

Get the most back with your next grocery purchase with Big Box Asia. For every RM100 spent here, you’ll get RM1 back, which you can use on your next order with them. There’s also up to 35% storewide discounts on household products and pantry items such as instant noodles and coffees, and frozen and organic goods. 

You’ll get the most discounts on their Promotion and Clearance sections, where you’ll find everything from Clorox and premade Brahim ready-to-eat Malaysian meals of nasi goreng ikan and even nasi lemak, to Dutch Lady milk powders and Kettle Brand potato chips. 

Big Box Asia nutella and Korean ramen
Get discounts and cash back when you shop at Big Box Asia
Image adapted from: Big Box Asia

Sign up for an account with them at checkout to get 10% off your first order. You’ll also get a free surprise gift with every order.

Delivery fee: From RM8 | Free delivery for orders over RM100
Shop online at Big Box Asia here.

4. Potboy – free delivery with no minimum purchase

Potboy free delivery
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Those who left out essentials when making grocery purchases in a hurry, can head over to Potboy. It offers free delivery services with no minimum purchase to its customers. You’ll find everything here – from rice and cleaning products, to pet food, baby diapers and milk formulas.

And don’t be surprised to see slashed prices on all their products. It sources items directly from suppliers, so you’ll have low prices on goods from them. There’s also a Hot Promotion section, where you’ll find added discounts and offers on instant noodles, canned food, dairy products, and Malaysian-favourite snacks.

Discounts at Potboy
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And if you return your recyclable items purchased from them, you’ll be rewarded with Potboy Gold, which you can use to win goodie bags and freebies – or purchase more items from their store.

Delivery fee: Free
Shop online at Potboy here.

5. GrocerExpress – RM3 next-day delivery in PJ

Busy-bees in Petaling Jaya who aren’t tech-savvy, get your groceries from GrocerExpress. It has over 1,000 products online, including food, beverages, household, and personal care, from it’s easy-to-navigate website – so you can easily teach your elderly relatives how to order online. 

GrocerExpress websiteGrocerExpress has items clearly listed out under simple columns for a fuss-free grocery spree
Image adapted from: GrocerExpress

You can get your fill of basic essentials such as Horlicks, Milo, and Aik Cheong, as well as instant noodles, cooking oils and seasonings, and even rice from here.

It currently covers 12 zip-codes in PJ, so those with zip codes listed in this area will only have to pay a fee of RM3 for next-day delivery. But do keep in mind and be patient with delays during this time as we are all trying our best to cope with COVID-19. 

Delivery fee: RM3 for orders placed before 5PM, RM5 for orders placed after 5PM
Shop at Grocer Express here

6. Redtick – over 10,000 grocery items

Redtick canned goods
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Those who love cooking won’t have to miss out on their grocery runs while switching to online grocery delivery services with Redtick. It has over 10,000 grocery items, so you can have variations of canned goods, condiments, and even imported Korean ingredients so you won’t be missing out on your usuals or Korean food needs here. 

Redtick Korean food
Get your fill of Korean ingredients if you find yourself missing out on Korean food while staying at home
Image credit: Redtick

It also has a Shop Fresh, Shop Big section where there’s up to 23% discount on pantry goods such as packs of Balducci Spaghetti Noodles and Vitagen Twin Packs, and snack offerings of Tomorion Chocolate Pies and Pringles

Redtick sale items
Look out for items on sale on Redtick’s online store
Image adapted from: Redtick

Place your orders before 1PM  and you’ll qualify for next-day delivery during 6 delivery timeslots between 9AM-9PM. And if you don’t happen to live in the Klang Valley, you’ll have the option of Redtick Plus, which delivers nationwide, but takes up to 1-5 business days for your groceries to be delivered right to your doorstep. 

Delivery fee: from RM10 | Free delivery for orders over RM150
Shop online at Redtick here.

7. The Little Mart – French food for date night at home

The Little Mart French products
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Travel bans have just been imposed on all Malaysians, and we’re now trying to make do with the dent in our travel plans by staying home and waiting for the worst to tide over to the best of our abilities. 

But get creative and don’t miss out on your special date night at home by surfing through The Little Mart’s site. This independent online grocer has been importing organic and gourmet French products to Malaysia since 2017, and you can discover some classic French offerings of pate spreads, deli meat cuts that come in platters, and sweet and savoury snacks.

The Little Mart pate spreads
Order some traditional French offerings straight to your home

Image adapted from: The Little Mart 

And you know you’re in for the real thing, as you’ll even find made-in-France household products such as Bic’s crayons and pens, and even pain-killers and ointments from abroad. There’s also a Healthy and Organic section friendly for those with dietary restrictions, with Gluten-free flour and spaghetti and Vegan-friendly options of pasta sauces and bullions for sale. 

The Little Mart French grocery
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Delivery fee: RM15 for KL | RM25 for Peninsula Malaysia | Free shipping over RM490
Shop online at The Little Mart here.

8. Tesco – nationwide delivery

Tesco grocery
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When all else fails, Tesco is the go-to spot for affordable groceries. With the outbreak, we’ll have to skip out on this activity in the meantime – but that doesn’t mean we have to give up on cheap essentials from them with deliveries widely available from Ipoh to KL. 

You’ll find all your grocery needs, and even affordable electronics from Pensonic and Philips – which is handy once most stores close on 18th March 2020. But it has its own line of Everyday Value products – from Toilet Rolls (RM5.59/10 rolls) and Lemon-scented Cat Litter (RM10.75/5L) to Tempura Chicken Nugget (RM11.99/850g) – that you should look out for to save even more while you’re stocking up.  

Tesco Everyday Value products
Tesco’s wide range of products produced locally so you can save even more
Image credit: @hawanakkurus

Tesco is also making sure that its delivery workers are looking after their hygiene and sanitising delivery boxes and payment devices as well. And if you’re self-quarantining, let them know and they’ll bag your groceries in plastic bags and leave them at the front door, so we can minimise contact.

Delivery fee: From RM8
Shop online at Tesco here.

9. Pantry Express – sundry goods

Another express online grocer on the list, Pantry Express lets users shop from their wide range of food products and beauty products to household items that you’ll often see at your local sundry. They also sell things in bulk, such as Malaysian faves Hup Seng Wholemeal Crackers (RM49.70) and Sin Sing Kopi O Bags (RM28.90/100 sachets)

Pantry Express sundry goods
Find items that you’ll see at your local sundry on Pantry Express
Image adapted from: Pantry Express

There’s a minimum purchase requirement of RM80, so make the most of it by stocking up on everyday items in your house while you’re shopping, such as antibacterial handwash, laundry detergent, 3-in-1 beverages, and even painkillers. 

Pantry Express antibacterial handwash
Purchase antibacterial handwash to keep those germs at bay
Image credit: Pantry Express

They deliver to over 42 areas in Klang Valley, so you can make full use of their online services and stock up all in one go. Click here to see if they deliver to your area. 

Delivery fee: From RM8 in Klang Valley
Shop online at Pantry Express here.

10. MYDIN – buy in bulk

MYDIN is a Malaysian favourite for their affordable prices and items in bulk that save us on any extra grocery runs during the week. But with stockpiling only causing a domino effect, get only what you need with them so you can avoid going out altogether.

You’ll find local brands of Ayam Brand, Maggi, and A1 for all your canned food, snacks, and cooking needs. And you’ll also get to purchase your go-to items in bulk, so you won’t have to pay twice for delivery fees. 

Get your items in bulk to save on delivery fees
Image credit: MYDIN

There are often major deals on their bulk items as well, where you can save up even more for basic everyday necessities such as hand soaps and body washes. And it also carries pet food so your furkids are taken care of, as well as frozen and fresh groceries and Halal-friendly products

MYDIN Dettol soap
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MyDIN currently ships to selected zip-codes within Puchong, PJ, Subang Jaya, and Shah Alam, which you can check out here. But if your address isn’t listed there – you can shop on their official page on PG Mall that delivers anywhere within the Klang Valley. 

Delivery fee: From RM10
Shop online at MYDIN here.

Grocery delivery services in Malaysia

Grocery stores are staying open so we can fill up our bellies and stay healthy during this time. As staying home is the best option to help contain the spread of COVID-19, do more than just social distancing and take your next grocery run online with these grocery delivery services – especially if you’re not feeling well and can’t keep up with the snaking queues at grocery stores.  

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