Woman grows lawn of roses for grandmother 

Those with a green thumb often take to their car porches to decorate their spaces with pots of plants and blooming flowers. As it is testament of the fruits of their labour, many show them off to anyone interested too – whether online or in person.

This woman in Penang took to Facebook to do so. In the viral post, she shared how she and her siblings had grown Japanese roses on the front lawn of her grandparents’ house. But it wasn’t just for decoration purposes – they had done so to make their grandmother’s wishes of having a yard of roses come true.

Took 7 months to grow Japanese roses

The story, shared by Facebook user, Adnil Usi San, to a Facebook group – and later reshared by netizens on the social media platform and picked up by several news sites – has since gone viral with how stunning the whole thing looked.

Woman plants garden of roses for grandmother - house Image credit: Adnil Usi San

She shared in a post dated 4th April 2021 that their efforts to plant Japanese roses in her grandmother’s yard was to fulfil her wishes of having a yard of them in her house. After 7 months of gardening efforts put in during the pandemic, the fruits of their labour are showing in blooming roses in various shades of yellow, pink, orange and white.

Photos that she has been posting to her Facebook page as well shows just how idyllic the whole scene looks.

Woman plants garden of roses for grandmother - flowersImage credit: Adnil Usi San

Since the roses were not grown in puts, the blooms can be seen growing freely and speckled across the lawn in front of a house.

Woman plants garden of roses for grandmother - house
Image credit: Adnil Usi San

Grandparents’ house also undergoes transformation

The flower yard is not the only thing that her family has been working on. They have been sprucing up their grandparents’ home as well, with photos shared back in April 2020 in a Facebook album titled “Transformasi Rumah Tok Wan Nusi + Mak Tok Limah” showing what the house looked like before getting a new coat of paint, furniture and more, and the addition of the garden of roses.

Image credit: Adnil Usi San

Stunning lawn of roses grown just for grandmother

Flowers never fail to bring a smile to our faces, and the recent photos of tecoma trees in bloom across Malaysia is testament to that. So we applaud Adnil and her siblings for taking the time to spruce up their grandparents’ home and planting a garden of roses to fulfil their grandmother’s wishes to add more colour to their lives.

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Cover image adapted from: Adnil Usi San

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