M’sian gamer’s funny hack involves a forehead fever patch

phone fever patch
A Malaysian gamer funny hack uses a cooling fever patch to prevent phone from overheating
Image adapted from: @haziqmardii

If you’re an ardent gamer, then you can confirm relate to the problem of your phone getting as hot as if you’ve just left it under the scorching sun after extended playtime. Although we can simply set it aside and wait for it to cool down, most of us are hesitant to be pulled away from our screens – especially when we’re in the middle of an intense battle or just so darn close to levelling up.

So this Malaysian came up with a creative and neat hack that may just help you prevent your phone from overheating so that you can properly enjoy your next game of Mobile Legends or PUBG. Hint: It involves the use of an iconic fever patch that was a must-have in every Malaysian household from the 2000s and before.

Easy-to-find and convenient cooling fever patches to the rescue

On 9th May 2020, a Twitter user who goes by the username of @haziqmardii shared a series of photos with a short caption that simply said, “cerdik sia aku” or “I’m so smart sia“. Since posting, the hack has rapidly made its way around the Twittersphere, garnering a whopping 65,500 likes and 30,000 retweets.

cooling fever patch
Image credit: @haziqmardii

The original poster (OP) shared a photo of the iconic cooling fever patch that’s meant to be pasted over your forehead to bring down your temperature. If you were a kid in the 2000s, this fever patch would be the first thing your parents would reach for the minute you started feeling a tad too warm. Now, it’s been discovered that the fever patch has another use – cooling down your overheating phone!

fever patch on phone
Image credit: @haziqmardii

In another photo, the OP showed that he had stuck on a piece of the fever patch onto the back of his phone. We imagine that it works the same way as it does on our forehead and brings down the temperature of the phone to prevent it from overheating. Once the patch loses its cooling ability, you can always swop it out with a new one.

Netizens share their own funny “hacks” for fellow M’sian gamers

Replies to the OP’s tweet showed that overheating phones is a universal problem for all gamers out there. In the spirit of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours, fellow Twitter users started sharing their own creative hacks.

Twitter user @afiqyafee_ attached a photo of a standing table fan in his reply to the OP’s tweet and said that he uses this particular equipment to cool down his phone. And the best part is that he gets to reap other benefits, too, like having non-sweaty armpits.

As a side note, he said that the only problem with it is that you can’t turn your microphone on while gaming because you’ll sound like you’re in a helicopter.

twitter screenshotImage adapted from: @afiqyafee_

Another Twitter user joked that she doesn’t need to spend money any gears or equipment as she can simply place her phone on her house’s floor as it’s cold enough.

twitter screenshot
Image adapted from: @aweennabilah

Another Twitter user who goes by the handle @jubilantpeeps reply in Malay can be translated to “I just straight put my phone into the freezer”.

twitter screenshot

Image credit: @jubulantpeeps

M’sian gamer discovers new hack to avoid phones from overheating

With the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) in place till June, Malaysians will be spending even more time than expected at home. This means gamers who want to spend more time with their screens can consider buying a pack of these cooling fever patches for a better gaming experience without any disruptions.

It also helps that this fever treatment that Malaysian parents swear by is super easy to find in any pharmacy or convenience store.

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