Mass COVID-19 screening for all Selangor residents

Several districts in Selangor have returned to their days under the Movement Control Order (MCO) after daily COVID-19 cases remained consistently high. Other than tighter SOPs, the Selangor government is also conducting mass COVID-19 screenings to further help things get back under control here. The tests will be free for all residents starting 8th May 2021 to 10th June 2021.

As the MCO currently prohibits residents from travelling between districts at this time, the screenings will be held at all 56 state constituencies. It will be carried out at 2 state constituencies a day, starting with Kajang and Semenyih, so everyone can get tested.

Meantime, here are the SOP guidelines for Selangor residents:

MCO 3.0 Selangor SOPs

COVID-19 tests free to all residents

Asymptomatic patients – or those who have COVID-19 but do no have symptoms – have been a worrisome issue since the early days of the pandemic in Malaysia. The free COVID-19 tests will hopefully help Selangor detect these “silent carriers” to prevent them from going around the community and spreading the virus unknowingly.

In a Facebook post on 4th May 2021, Selangor Meteri Besar, Datuk Amirudin Shari, said that the Covid-19 active case detection programme will be carried out across 56 constituencies in Selangor beginning on 8th May, in the following order of districts: 

  • Hulu Langat, 8th May to 18th May 
  • Gombak, 18th May to 21st May
  • Petaling, 21st May to 28th May
  • Klang, 28th May to 1st June
  • Sepang, 1st June and 2nd June
  • Kuala Langat, 2nd June to 4th June 
  • Kuala Selangor, 5th June to 7th June
  • Hulu Selangor, 7th June and 8th June
  • Sabak Bernam, 9th and 10th June

Information on where the screening centres are located is not yet made known. 

Free COVID-19 screening in Selangor - centre
Image credit: Selangor Task Force Covid 19

But the Selangor Task Force COVID-19 has released the locations for their first stops in Kajang and Semenyih on Facebook. Those in Kajang will have to head down to Dewan Seri Cempaka MPKJ to get tested for free, and those in Semenyih should head to Dewan Orang Ramai Bandar Rinching.

Operating hours to get the free COVID-19 tests starts from 9AM to 4PM. 

All Selangor residents encouraged to get screened

Asymptomatic COVID-19 cases are cited to be a major cause for concern by Datuk Amirudin Shari as they do not show obvious symptoms. Because they appear healthy, it’s easy for them to spread the virus to unsuspecting individuals, including those in vulnerable groups such as the elderly and those with previous health conditions.

Free COVID-19 screening in Selangor - tests
Image credit: Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah Kuala Selangor

As such, everyone in Selangor is encouraged to get tested for free. You should definitely go for screening if you have recently been in close contact with a COVID-19 patient or have been showing symptoms of the virus.

Free COVID-19 screening for all Selangor residents

We already know that we should stay at home if we are feeling unwell, but if you’re symptomless and want to be extra safe at this time, you should make use of this free COVID-19 screening that’s being offered to all Selangor residents come 8th May.

If you prefer to seek out private hospitals or clinics to get screened for COVID-19, you can check out KKM’s official list of hospitals and clinics to do so here.

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Cover image adapted from: Dk Ny

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