Heartwarming food delivery rider stories

Food delivery services are the best addition to the modern way of life, especially at times when we’re stuck at home and in need of a fuss-free hot meal. 

Since delivery apps came about, we’ve witnessed some riders winning over the hearts of Malaysians with their touching backstories and good deeds while on the job. It’s just like the time a FoodPanda rider climbed 14 flights of stairs on crutches to deliver a customer’s order. 

Here’s a #throwback of times food delivery riders, AKA our unsung heroes, have won our hearts:

1. This couple who met on the job and threw a GrabFood-themed wedding

Food Delivery Riders Cover Pic
Image adapted from: Thehayat.co

There was a resounding, “aww!” the day Malaysians read about this couple’s love story. Nur Atiqah and Muhd Afandi first met while working as part-time GrabFood riders. Soon after, the couple said their “I dos” and sought inspiration from their own love story for their wedding photoshoot. 

The happy couple’s GrabFood-themed photoshoot was a big hit with netizens and they’re proof that love can be found at the most unexpected places. 

GrabFood wedding
Image credit: Thehayat.co

2. That time 800 GrabFood riders donned Spider-Man costumes to go on delivery runs

GrabFood riders dressed as Spider-man
Image credit: @grabfoodmy

As food-loving Malaysians, we’d be happy enough knowing our food is on the way, but seeing a rider sporting a superhero-inspired get-up may just be the cherry on top. When Spider-Man: Far From Home was released in cinemas back in June 2019, 800 GrabFood riders donned the signature red and blue superhero costume to bring some cheer to customers.

This just goes to show that these suited-up riders are truly our friendly neighbourhood superheroes, swinging by our doorsteps to pass us our food. 

3. This McDonald’s rider who came to the rescue with a pack of Panadol

McD rider buys panadol for customer
Image credit: @amirulizarin

There are few things worse than being alone at home with no food, and one of it is being sick and hungry with no one coming to your rescue. Earlier this month, Wan Amirul Izarin shared this story of how he had asked for Panadol in the “Special Instructions” section of his McDonald’s order and his rider actually came through.

McD customer asks for panadol in order remark
Image credit: @amirulizarin

The remark in Malay can be translated as:

Hi bro, if it’s not too troublesome could you get Panadol for me? I’ll pay later. Thanks. 

Netizens were touched at how the rider went out of his way to help out a sick stranger, even though it wasn’t part of his job. 

4. This rider who drove back and forth to help a stranded car owner

FoodPanda broken down car
Image credit: Zafnihadi Zakaria

Earlier this month, Zafnihadi Zakaria shared his fateful encounter with a kind FoodPanda rider who went out of his way to help him and a colleague who were stranded on a highway after their car broke down.

Aiman, the rider, drove back and forth no less than 4 times to get petrol and seek the services of a mechanic. He stayed till 9PM and wanted to wait till the car could get moving again, but Zafnihadi insisted that he make his leave since the mechanic had already arrived. 

FoodPanda rider and the car owners
Image credit: Zafnihadi Zakaria

Zafnihadi ended his Facebook post by jokingly saying that FoodPanda riders don’t just deliver food, but also petrol, car batteries, and mechanics. He gave a shout out to Aiman for getting him out of a stressful situation. 

5. When a physical disability didn’t stop this rider from making an honest living 

We don’t often see people with disabilities working as food delivery riders, especially since their job includes zooming around on their motorcycles. Well, there are a valiant few who have managed to overcome their disabilities and are making an honest living as delivery riders. 

On 22nd December 2018, Malaysians came to know about Syahrain Fadzil, a young lad who didn’t let his disability get in his way of earning RM3,000 a month — an impressive amount that beats some full-time salaries out there.

GrabFood rider (1)
Image credit: @syahrain_fadzil

Syahrain skillfully rides his motorcycle so that he doesn’t fall behind his able-bodied colleagues, and he’s able to carry out his day-to-day duties without a hitch. Netizens left an endless stream of praises for his determination to earn an income so that he can sustain himself without help. 

6. The riders who sacrificed their own celebrations and worked during festive seasons

Most of us look forward to yearly festive holidays, but there are a few who sacrifice their own time by doing the back-end work so that others can celebrate.

The rider who had a stroke of luck on Raya eve

GrabFood rider (2)
Image credit: Hadi Lina

Back in June 2019, GrabFood rider Hadi Lina took to Facebook to share about his experience when he was working on Hari Raya eve. He couldn’t take the day off because he was in dire need of at least RM300, but it didn’t seem fruitful as he had only received one order that day.

It was pouring rain outside when he finally received another order, but Hadi braved the rain to get his delivery in. His customer was so grateful that he gave Hadi RM200 as duit Raya, leaving him at a loss for words. His lucky streak didn’t end there – he received a sudden surge of orders after that, and ended up surpassing his goal of RM300. 

Riders who continued to work through buka puasa during fasting month

Just a month before this incident, when our Muslim friends were fasting, a post on Facebook had gone viral for highlighting the struggles of food riders during this time.

Rider during ramadhan
Image credit: Tek Sin Teoh

Families usually break fast together during Ramadan, but this rider was spotted having his meal at a carpark instead. He quickly finished his food in just 10 minutes before rushing off to attend to more orders. 

This incident was a reminder as to what these riders have to sacrifice while they bring food to other hungry souls. 

7. The riders who are working hard to achieve #lifegoals

Before venturing into the working world, a lot of us would’ve set certain goals for ourselves. Whether it’s buying that dream car or going on a vacation around the globe, we’re all busy hustlin’ in hopes of making our dreams come true. 

The rider who works 2 jobs to marry the love of his life

rider saving for marriage
Image credit: @syafieqisa

Amirul Syafieq starts his mornings as a rider for McDonald’s and after 8 hours, he takes on a second shift as a GrabFood rider for another 6 hours, tallying it up to 14 hours of work per day. He shared on Twitter that he’s working hard so that he can afford to marry his girlfriend next year and be able to provide for her. 

His story left netizens swooning, and he raked in plenty of supportive comments for this #relationshipgoals story. 

The rider who’s saving up for a family home

While Amirul is saving up to marry the love of his life, Firdaus Aizat works as a rider for Lazada and GrabFood so that he can buy a house to raise a family.

Rider saving to buy house
Image credit: @firdausaizat

He doesn’t mind riding under the sweltering heat all day as he has his eyes set on his goal. He makes sure that he sets aside RM1,000 every month for his future home where he and his wife will raise their children.

Both Amirul and Firdaus tirelessly work long hours to fight for their future, so it’s not surprising that their stories have helped motivate many of us to work hard to achieve our goals. 

8. The rider who happily layaned her customer to pose for a selfie

McD rider and AnimaJinx
Image credit: Anima

Popular Facebook personality, AnimaJinx, placed a breakfast order on McDelivery and included a cheeky request on the “order remark” section, requesting the rider to pose for a funny selfie. And when the rider arrived, she actually carried out the request, to AnimaJinx’s delight.

Just the day before, AnimaJinx asked the fast food chain to send over a “handsome guy”, and when the rider arrived, he awkwardly said that the handsome guy will only be on duty in the afternoon. Not at all disappointed with the outcome, AnimaJinx told him, “Aiya, you are the handsome guy”. 

This just shows how McD riders don’t seem to mind going along with some light-hearted antics — they might even get a kick out of it. 

Food delivery riders worthy of praise

With so many food delivery riders and customers sharing their heartfelt stories, this just goes to show that they’re true local heroes of today. From working on festive seasons, to going the extra mile to help their customers, these individuals are winning the hearts of Malaysians all round. 

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