Local fireman rescues kitten in Kedah

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Image adapted from: @dodo

We know our local firemen to be valiant fighters who place their lives on the line during emergencies. At times though, there may also be furkids in the building when fires happen and they could easily be overlooked during chaotic scenarios.

However, firefighters like Muhamad Amirul Arifin give pet owners and animal lovers faith that our furry friends would be safe in their hands, especially after a video of him rescuing a kitten went viral. Read on to find out more:

Kitten was stuck on the roof during a house fire

The incident actually happened last year on 15th August 2019, as reported by Sinar Harian. Arifin and his team were dispatched to a house in Sungai Petani that had caught fire, which is where they found a kitten stuck on the roof. When they brought the kitten down, the firemen found that it was in dire condition as it was too weak. 

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Image adapted from: The Dodo

Arifin made a swift decision to perform CPR on the injured kitten. He used 2 fingers to gently but firmly exert pressure onto the kitten’s chest. From the video, we can see that it was only about as big as Arifin’s palm. 

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Image adapted from: @dodo

After a few moments, the kitten let out a soft “meow” to the relief of bystanders watching. Soon enough, its pulse began to steady and it could start walking again. Once the firemen confirmed that the kitten was safe, they brought it over to its family to be reunited again. 

Video went viral on “The Dodo”

Though it happened last year, the video of Arifin rescuing the kitten once again began circulating around the internet when popular site The Dodo posted the video on Twitter on 6th February 2020

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Image adapted from: @dodo

The Dodo is a popular animal rights organisation from the U.S that’s better known for their amusing and heartfelt videos that they post on Twitter and Instagram. They’ve amassed a large following of 1,900,000 followers who regularly check the page for their daily content of adorable animals. 

The video of Arifin went viral with almost 200,000 views on Twitter and 500,000 likes on Instagram. Fellow Malaysians who stumbled across the video were surprised to see our local firemen’s uniforms and were proud to see the word “Malaysia” in the video. 

Netizens worldwide gush over our local fireman

Due to The Dodo’s following, the video managed to get attention from netizens all over the globe. 

Jenson Dillard expressed his heartfelt sentiment by saying that the video is a reminder that there are still decent people like Arifin around who went out of his way to resuscitate the kitten.

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Image adapted from: @jensonDillard

Hudson made an important statement: “Every life is important.”

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Image adapted from: @hudborges01

Koko said that most would have just left the kitten aside, thinking that it was already dead instead of taking the effort to check up on it and perform CPR.

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Image adapted from: @cricket1067

Saving lives, no matter how small

Saving lives is part of a fireman’s core duties, though we usually use the phrase to refer to human lives. But at the end of the day, no life is too small to discredit and we’re all stoked that the kitten has been given a 2nd chance to live. 

Thanks to Dodo and the Twittersphere, the viral video of Arifin has led Malaysians to better appreciate our local firemen and give them the credit they deserve.

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