Female Malaysian tattoo artists in KL

From words like “tattoos are for gangsters” to “you get tattoo lah, then you no need come back home”, we’ve heard all sorts of excuses from conservative parents and relatives who want to deter us from getting inked. However, as more youths are sporting new tatts – even those who are working professionals – the idea of getting one does not seem as daunting anymore. 

If you’re one of those who’ve been considering getting your first tattoo, then you’d know that one of the biggest challenges is finding the right tattoo artist. After all, they need to tick all these prerequisites – experienced, hygienic, and share the same creative style you’re looking for. 

You’ve probably done a quick Google search on our local tattooists, but the handful of names that pop up only make up a tiny fraction of the community. So we’ve dug up a bunch of lesser-known artists to prove that you don’t need to take an expensive flight abroad for a good tattoo, and they’re all badass women! Here’s our list of female Malaysian tattoo artists in KL:

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1. Con Ele – fine stippling work

conlll (1)
The artist uses her signature stippling technique at even the tiniest areas, like in the cat’s eyes
Image credit: @conlll

Stumbling upon Con Ele’s Instagram page is like finding a gem in the local tattooing world, especially if you’ve been on the lookout for artists who do fine lines. She’s been around for a couple years, but recently her immaculate linework and adorable pet tattoos – she’s done over 100 dog ones to date – have gained traction in the IG world. If you’re interested in memorialising your pets, this artist can help.

conlll (2)
The shading technique here complements the Renaissance-style art of the blindfolded cherub
Image credit: @conlll

She’s no stranger to wild and quirky tattoo ideas either. Her experienced eye for design allows her to expertly work with one-of-a-kind ideas to produce tattoos that are cohesive, seamless, and most important of all – timeless.

conlll (3)
Take for example this piece – it’s a girl riding a giant stork to avoid the notorious KL jam
Image credit: @conlll

conlll (4)
Her artistic flair can be seen across numerous styles, including this fun and whimsical one
Image credit: @conlll

She opens her booking slots several times a year, so it’s best to keep your eyes on her IG page to know when she’s available to take on more clients.

Instagram: @conlll

2. Sugee Wee – minimalist hand-poked tatts 

sugeewee (1)
A dainty tulip flower with a gradient circle at the top corner
Image credit: @sugeeepokes

For newbies who have only just started looking into tattoos, getting a needle or needles pierced into your skin is a scary thought regardless of whether it’s by a machine gun or hand-poked. But hand-poked tattoos such as Sugee’s work actually hurt less for some people, since the needles don’t go in as deep. 

sugeewee (2)
Image credit: @sugeeepokes

You won’t get the same precision as a machine gun, but hand-poked tattoos feel more organic and raw because of this. Those who like the aesthetics of sketch art will definitely be able to appreciate these rougher lines that give your ink a little more personality.

sugeewee (3)
Getting a hand-poked tattoo doesn’t mean your tattoos will be any less detailed either
Image credit: @sugeeepokes

Instagram: @sugeeepokes

3. Yi Min – quirky Chinese-inspired animals

yi min (1)
A tiger bending backwards done completely in red ink
Image credit: @sanmao_yimin

A glimpse through Yi Min’s feed tells us 2 things: she has a penchant for traditional Chinese-inspired pieces and wacky animal characters. Like Sugee, she does equally charming hand-poked handiwork, and has even experimented with fingernail and palm tattoos. 

yi min (2)
These fingernail tattoos are said to not hurt at all and will last a few months
Image credit: @sanmao_yimin

You’ll notice that a lot of her hand-poked pieces make use of negative space around the skin as the designs aren’t usually filled in. Tattoos like these are perfect for first-timers who like smaller pieces that aren’t as striking. 

yi min (3)
A black and yellow moth that still appears intricate due to the mix of patterns
Image credit: @sanmao_yimin

For those interested in flash designs, there’re plenty of fun ones to pick from too. These are already pre-designed, though there is some wiggle room for slight customisations.

yi min (4)
Image credit: @sanmao_yimin

Instagram: @sanmao_yimin

4. Yee from October Tattoo Studio – ability to adapt to any style or theme

yee (1)
Image credit: @yee_tattooist

Yee from October Tattoo Studio is no fresh face to the scene. From her many years of experience, she has done almost everything from Japanese geisha-inspired tattoos to adorable, colourful ones that pay homage to your favourite childhood cartoons. 

yee (2)
A Doraemon-themed tattoo – only true fans can identify each icon
Image credit: @yee_tattoo

She’s known for her versatility, as it means that she can nail any style or theme with ease. Whether you’re looking for a more simple, minimalistic tattoo or an elaborate full sleeve, you can count on Yee to meet your tattoo goals. 

yee (3)
A trippy zebra that’s otherwise realistic looking if it weren’t for the bright colours – just look at the eyes and mane!
Image credit: @yee_tattoo 

Instagram: @yee_tattoo

6. Raice Wong from Inktime Studio – colour realism tattoos 

raice wong (1)
A turtle swimming amongst pink jellyfish
Image credit: @tattoist_raice

Hyper-realistic tattoos are rare, especially more so if they are done in colour. Artists with the particular skill set to create such pieces, known as colour realism tattoos, are few and far between. So the KL community is lucky that we don’t need to fly far to get one of these “snapshot” tattoos, when we can just head to Inktime Studio where Raice Wong is based.

raice wong (2)
The iconic scene in “La La Land” when Lia and Sebastian tap danced into the sunset
Image credit: @tattoist_raice

Wong’s coloured pieces are stunners, so much so that they’re pretty enough to convince someone who’s only ever considered black work to switch sides. 

raice wong (3)
A thumb-sized hibiscus with gradient petals and tiny filaments in the middle
Image credit: @tattoist_raice

While she’s an ace when it comes to colour realism pieces that are great for those who want to memorialise an iconic scene from their favourite movie, she also has a penchant for East Asian-style art.

raice wong (3)
A crescent moon-shaped Chinese amulet in remembrance of the client’s grandmother
Image credit: @tattooist_raice

Instagram: @tattooist_raice

8. Mae Oh from Blank Canvas Tattoos – delicate black & white floral pieces

mae oh (1)
Image credit: @maeooh

Mae Oh’s delicate strokes let her create some of the most elegant floral pieces, which explains why she’s such a big hit among women. Even though flower tattoos are popular everywhere, it’s not often that we come across a local artist whose niche lies specifically in floral work- especially when her style has such a distinct, vintage-like flair.

mae oh (2)
Image credit: @maeooh

To really make the design your own, consider adding your favourite animal or certain symbols that may be meaningful to you. Mae Oh has incorporated butterflies, snakes, birds, and even stingrays to her bouquets of flowers and they are all equally stunning. 

Instagram: @maeooh

9. Tong Yee from Greens Tattoo Studio zany and comical flash designs

tong yee (1)
Image credit: @greens_tattoo

The unique flash designs from Tong Yee, who also goes by the name “Greens” on social media, may interest those who are particularly big on nostalgia and the 50s. 

The character she often draws up is of a toddler who dons iconic hairstyles from the yesteryear, such as the bowl cut fringe. Also reminiscent of older times are the 2 red circles on their cheeks and the classic choice of clothing.

tong yee (2)
Image credit: @greens_tattoo

However, you can also get customised pieces from this artist. From her social media feed, she seems to do especially well with more feminine pieces like florals and artwork that require fine detailing. 

tong yee (3)
Image credit: @greens_tattoo

Instagram: @greens_tattoo

10.  Pclaink – old school tattoos with a millennial-friendly twist

When we think of old school tattoos, images of hearts wrapped around a ribbon that has “MOM’ scrawled over it. While this traditional style of tattooing has a certain vintage charm to it, the designs and motifs we’re all familiar with may feel a little outdated. 

That’s where Pclaink steps in with her relatable designs that even millennials and Gen Zs can appreciate, but while still retaining old-school American biker vibes. 

pclaink (1)
Image credit: @pclaink

pclaink (2)
Image credit: @pclaink

We also love the extra splashes of colour in her pieces, including more pastel and lighter tones as the colour palette for more traditional biker tattoos usually revolve around primary colours.

pclaink (3)
Image credit: @pclaink

Instagram: @pclaink

10. Luminous Banana – kooky blackwork tattoos

luminous banana (1)
A warped Mickey Mouse
Image credit: @luminousbanana_

When it comes to Luminous Banana’s abstract works, think solid lines and a whole lot of black. If you’re looking for a bold statement piece that’s sure to get lots of “oohs” and  “ahhs” from your friends, then Lesley – her real name – is your gal.  

luminous banana (2)
A Picasso-like piece made up of a pair of eyes and a long, slender nose
Image credit: @luminousbanana_

luminous banana (3)
The bottom half of a Roman portrait bust
Image credit: @luminousbanana_

Her black and white feed is anything but boring as you’ll be drawn into her quirky designs – they’re certainly a refreshing sight to see in the local tattoo scene. Her enigmatic designs look great individually or as part of a sleeve.

luminous banana (4)
Image credit: @luminousbanana_

Instagram: @luminousbanana_

Underrated female tattoo artists in KL

Malaysians who are toying with the idea of getting their first tattoo may feel a little lost when it comes to deciding on a tattoo artist, especially since many remain undiscovered even after an initial Google search. 

However, we actually have a whole arsenal of talented tattoo artists that may just make your journey to getting this “till death do you part” commitment much easier. If you’ve stumbled upon an artist from this list whose work you admire, simply slide into their DMs or check their IG bio to see if they’re open for bookings. 

Your tattoo artists will strongly urge you to have a proper meal in order to maintain your blood sugar levels before going in for your session, so here’re some of our food recommendations so that you don’t pass out midway: 

Cover image adapted from: @greens_tattoo, @conlll, @greens_tattoo, and @sanmao_sugeeewee


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