Youtubers apologise for fake slap prank in KL Mall

We all know how pranks have become a common source of entertainment these days for people in western countries. In recent years, we have seen many influencers on social media perform various kinds of pranks in public with the aim to entertain their virtual audience. This trend seems to be hitting Malaysian shores as our own YouTubers begin to explore these pranks in public. In particular, a Malaysian YouTuber and his friend have invited a public outcry on social media after doing a “fake slap prank” in a shopping mall.

Malaysians criticise fake slap prank in shopping centre

Video credit: Apakes

The story of Malaysian YouTuber Mizan Majid and his friend engaging in a fake slap prank in a KL mall began trending on social media over the weekend when the former posted the video onto his YouTube channel on 7th October 2021.

In the video, Mizan and his friend could be seen pulling a fake slap prank on random strangers at the escalator inside a shopping mall in KL. They could be heard uttering phrases such as “Apa benda?” or “What is it?” and “Eh” while attempting to slap people.

A snippet of the now-deleted video was reposted on the Facebook page Apakes on 8th October 2021, and it has invited a lot of backlash from netizens. Unamused by their actions, Malaysians are slamming the content creators for performing the prank in public, and letting them know that such pranks are not part of the Malaysian culture. Even if they are commonly seen in western media, they should not be made a norm here.

Meanwhile, others also warned the YouTubers of the potential harm they may be causing others as they were deliberately disturbing people and that could lead to accidents.

YouTubers apologise for prank video after heavy blacklash

Fake slap prank video
Image credit: Mizan Majid

After facing much criticism from netizens, Mizan posted an apology video on his Youtube channel on 11th October 2021, explaining their intention for pulling the prank.

“It was not my intention to hurt anyone through this video as I just wanted to entertain people. I understand that this is not part of the Malaysian culture but I hope people can forgive me,” he said, acknowledging his mistakes while apologising to the public.

Besides, the content creators also said that they won’t repeat the same mistakes and would improve in their upcoming videos.

Western prank culture in Malaysia

It’s good to see Mizan and his friend apologising for trying to pull off a prank that invited backlash from netizens. This is certainly a wake-up call for other social influencers and content creators that such pranks are not welcome in Malaysia.

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Cover image adapted from: Apakes and Mizan Majid

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