Pregnant lady crowdsources for job on Twitter

Looking for a job is not an easy task, especially during this pandemic when more companies are retrenching workers than they are hiring. While there may be some lucky ones who manage to secure an offer during the pandemic, many people are still struggling to find a job.

Pregnant women, in particular, may find it even more of an uphill battle as they may face discrimination in the workforce. But Malaysians are proving that they are ready to tackle workplace discrimination as they flocked to a Twitter thread to help a pregnant woman, who was depressed at her unemployment status, crowdsource for job openings.

Depressed pregnant lady asks for help to find a job during FMCO

Image credit: @mighvv

On 24th June 2021, Twitter user @mighvv, who’s the managing director and co-founder of an NGO, shared a screenshot of a message she received from a pregnant Malaysian woman. The woman had requested that Kak Mira, whose handle is @mighvv, let her 36,000 followers on Twitter know about her difficulties in looking for jobs.

In the initial post, Kak Mira wrote: “Guys, need help with vacancies in Selangor or KL. This lady is depressed because she’s unemployed and she wants to commit suicide. Please, please. Let’s help her. If you guys know any place with vacancies, post it here.”

The pregnant lady said in her message that her employment contract at her previous company ended before Ramadan and she has been looking for a job ever since. Unfortunately, despite attending many interviews, she was not offered any of the jobs because she’s pregnant.

“I’m now 5 months pregnant. The delivery is due in November. Even for part-time jobs, people don’t want to hire me because I’m pregnant [sobbing emojis]”, she wrote in her message to Kak Mira.

The pregnant lady who resides in Bukit Jalil also mentioned that she’s stressed out because of the mentally draining job application process and she had thought of committing suicide numerous times.

Although her husband is working and trying to earn extra income by partnering with Lalamove, the lady said that his income is only sufficient to pay for household expenses and she is in dire need of a job to cover her living expenses during the pandemic.

Malaysians help depressed pregnant lady to find a job

Netizen @mighvv’s tweet has since gone viral with over 2,000 retweets and more than 800 likes. It gathered a lot of attention from Malaysians who are willing to lend a hand to the job-seeking pregnant woman.

Many of them reposted job advertisements, commented on available vacancies at companies and even offered to give away baby essentials for the pregnant woman.

Image credit: @IfmalTrade

Netizen Ifmal Trade commented with an available vacancy in the sales and marketing department of their company. They requested the pregnant lady to send over her resume as soon as possible.

Image credit: @khairani_karim

Twitter user Ardourra also posted a job advertisement. She said, “Maybe you can try this. There’s one in Bukit Jalil.”

Image credit: @dhiahawa1

Meanwhile, @dhiahawa1 told the pregnant lady to message her for baby essentials. “I can help you buy some things for the baby. Please don’t commit suicide. I pity the baby,” she said, adding that she lost her first child in December last year and that she prays for the woman’s well-being.

Image credit: @wanyyomar

Netizen @wanyyomar, too, volunteered to give away baby essentials to the pregnant woman. She asked if the pregnant lady wanted clothes for a newborn baby girl up until 6 months and volunteered to post the items over.

“You can dm me. I’ll then post them over to you. Please take care of yourself and the baby and stay safe,” she wrote.

Kak Mira updated her post on the same day with another message she received from the pregnant lady saying how grateful she is to everyone who commented on the post with job offers and other aids. She said she’ll update Kak Mira later on whether or not she managed to find a job.

Image credit: @mighvv

Pregnant woman said she faced discrimination when job hunting

It’s really heartening to see that Malaysians are quick to lend a helping hand to those who are struggling to make a living such as this pregnant lady. Women who are pregnant and looking for jobs should not be discriminated against when they are looking for jobs.

The story of this pregnant lady who has the courage and determination to work even though she’s pregnant is a timely reminder for us to always look out for each other during this pandemic.

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