Deliver rider flips over on motorbike in accident

Accidents are something we always have to look out for when we’re on the road. A concern over reckless driving, often the cause of accidents, is that it puts the lives of road users in danger.

Take food delivery riders for example, who are often in a hurry and find themselves in unexpected road accidents when they are delivering an order. A recent accident involved a ShopeeFood rider, who bumped into a vehicle, flipped over his motorbike, and fell at one of the busiest roads in Petaling Jaya.

Delivery rider bumps into a car in PJ

Delivery rider road accident
Video credit: YinNee Toh

On 8th January 2022, netizen YinNee Toh uploaded a 35-second dashcam video of a ShopeeFood delivery rider colliding into a car at Jalan Othman in Petaling Jaya to her Facebook account.

The short clip which has now gone viral captured the immediate moment of impact between the two vehicles.

The rider was believed to be looking at his mobile phone while driving, presumably to check the GPS navigation. Unexpectedly, he collided with the back of a car ahead, which had been attempting to switch lanes but stopped abruptly.

Delivery rider road accident
Video credit: YinNee Toh

After the hit, the rider flipped over on his motorbike and fell on the road, but seemed relatively unharmed as he was able to immediately pick himself and his ride up.

The collision led the car driver to get out of his vehicle to see what had happened. From the video, it appears that the car driver might not have seen the arrival of the rider when he proceeded to move to the left lane.

The video sparked a debate in the comment section over who was truly at fault, with netizens seen supporting both the car driver and the motorcyclist in the accident.

The original video has since been reposted in Facebook sharing groups, where it garnered thousands of views.

Road accidents in Malaysia

As road users, it’s important that we are always vigilant when on the road. Accidents like this can be avoided if drivers pay more attention to the road and traffic conditions, and steer clear of using mobile phones when driving, which is a punishable offence.

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Cover image adapted from: YinNee Toh and YinNee Toh

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