Customer pins delivery location in the middle of a road

Stories highlighting the plight of delivery riders are becoming more common in Malaysia especially during the pandemic when livelihoods are affected. Last month, a video of a foodpanda rider waiting for a customer in the rain has sparked calls among Malaysians to be more courteous to our delivery riders when placing orders online.

This time a Grab delivery rider is sharing his frustration waiting for a customer who pinned their delivery location in the middle of a road and did not answer calls when he arrived at the location.

Grab rider waits for customer in the middle of a road

Grab rider shares pinned location on map
Image credit: Haslizul Mohd Ramli

On 5th September 2021, netizen Haslizul Mohd Ramli posted a video of a Grab delivery rider waiting for a customer in the middle of a road on the Facebook page GrabFood Rider Malaysia Official.

In the video, the rider explained as he shared his phone screen that the customer had pinned the delivery location on a road and didn’t pick up the call when he arrived there.

The rider who seemed frustrated throughout the video calls out the customer for being irresponsible and said that he had been waiting for a while under the hot sun. The incident took place in Ipoh, Perak, and the rider could be heard talking in a distinctive Malay dialect on the self-recorded video.

Rider arrived at pinned location
Image credit: Haslizul Mohd Ramli

Rider tells Malaysians to be considerate when placing orders

Rider shares frustration on video
Image credit: Haslizul Mohd Ramli

Since its posting, the viral video has garnered over 1,600 reactions and more than 700 shares. In it, the rider also told fellow Malaysians to not do the same when they are placing orders online.

“Please always have your phones in your hands if you are ordering something online and please answer the calls when we are calling.”

“We have a lot more orders to pick up in a day and it’ll be much easier if customers can provide accurate details when placing an order,” he said, adding that people should learn not to trouble others in life by referring to the incident.

Customer pins delivery location of a GrabFood order on the road

It’s unfortunate that this rider had to wait under the scorching sun to deliver an order for a customer. As he said, it’s important that we provide accurate delivery details and always answer calls from riders for a hassle-free experience for both parties. We hope this kind of situation can be avoided in the future and that Malaysians can be more considerate when placing orders online.

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Cover image adapted from: Haslizul Mohd Ramli and Haslizul Mohd Ramli

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