Adorable cat in Malaysia seen crying over onions

Viral M'sian cat cries over chopped onions
Cat is caught crying over chopped onions while staying close to its owner.
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Nobody likes seeing their loved ones cry – even if it’s their pets. But with Movement Control Order (MCO) giving Malaysians extra time to try out cooking and tackle the almighty onion while at it, unexpected crying seshs are unavoidable even for loyal cats. 

A video shared on Twitter shows just how a fiercely loyal cat stuck by its owner’s side even as it was tearing up from the owner chopping onions. It also brought other Malaysian cat owners with teary cats to the comments’ thread, which are exactly the hilarious and heartwarming stories we need in difficult times.

Cat shed tears over peeled onions to stay with its owner

Twitter user Iqbal Harun first posted the video of his crying Persian cat called Cherry on 18th April 2020. It has since gone viral with over 490,000 views and 48,000 likes. 

Twitter post
“I already said don’t come close, but you never listen and now you’re crying”.
Image adapted from: @qbalharun

All seems well at the start of the 39-second video, with Cherry seen resting next to a bowl of peeled onions. It isn’t an unusual sight either, as Iqbal says in another Twitter post that Cherry often sticks by his side while he’s doing various tasks around the house. 

But that is until the camera zooms up to the adorable blinking cat, which can be seen with tears brimming in its eyes. 

Cat crying over onions
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The video banded together cat owners in the comment section who own just as adorably stubborn cats that insist on sticking close by even after being warned to stay away. It included @almusrifatun’s cat who also shedded a tear while she was cutting up onions in her home. 

Cat crying
Cat owners share similar stories of their stubborn cats who cried from chopped onions.
Image adapted from: @almusrifatun

Netizens are reminded of familiar cat memes

Cat meme
Malaysians gather to tweet out cat memes in response to the crying cat.
Image adapted from: @deenobueno

Since cat memes are pretty much a staple on the internet, it’s no surprise that netizens flooded to Izbal’s post with a multitude of apt reactions. 

Cat memes
Netizens share their favourite cat memes in response.
Image adapted from: @pharmashyt & @AnuarComel

The post also brought back netizens’ fond memories of Malaysian cats photographed crying over chopped onions from years before. We can’t help but feel pity for these resilient felines, but we’re glad to know even cats feel our pain of tearing up while we cut onions. 

Crying cats from a year agoCommenters share their favourite crying cats from a year ago.
Image adapted from: @Twt_Cyberjaya & @thyhighness

Loyal cat braves the sting of onions to stick by owner

These manja cats braving out the sting of onions to stay close to their owners during MCO is melting the internet’s hearts and making others laugh with the similarities to popular cat memes. It’s also been giving us one more thing to smile about while we’re staying indoors until our streets are safe and virus-free. 

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