Cameron Highlands Flora Park

Cameron Highlands already boasts numerous attractions that include strawberry farms and tea plantations, all popular and visited frequently by locals and tourists alike.

A new spot to add to our list of places to visit here as travel restrictions are now eased in our country is Cameron Highlands Flora Park, a dreamy flower garden with plenty of fresh blooms and photo ops.

Dreamy stairs among fields of flowers

Cameron Highlands Flora Park - garden
Image credit: @ch_flora_park

Cameron Highlands Flora Park is a new flower garden that has since joined the ranks of the established flower farms and other scenic attractions in Cameron Highlands.

Cameron Highlands Flora Park - garden
Image credit: @ch_flora_park

The park features stunning displays of blooming flowers and charming photo spots, and host picnics for families and groups set among flower fields.

Cameron Highlands Flora Park - stairs
Image credit: @ch_flora_park

A highlight to expect here is a flight of whitewashed stairs that will take you up a hill with dainty pink flowers set on both sides of the steps.

Cameron Highlands Flora Park - hills
Image credit: @ch_flora_park

Another path of curving brick-lined stairway will make you feel as if you’re visiting a European countryside.

Cameron Highlands Flora Park - garden
Image adapted from: @ch_flora_park

Not to be missed out on are pathways that let visitors stroll pass stretches of colourful flowers to take in views of the surrounding scenery and snap photos.

Cameron Highlands Flora Park - gardenImage credit: @ch_flora_park

Walls overgrown with flowers, and various mixes of flowers here resemble breathtaking wildflower meadows common in European countries too. There are also lookout points, including a ‘stairway to heaven’.

Cameron Highlands Flora Park - stairsImage credit: @ch_flora_park

Picnic sets for couples, families, and groups

Cameron Highlands Flora Park - picnic
Image credit: @ch_flora_park

The park also has outdoor picnic sets for families, couples, and groups – this comprises a delectable spread of cakes and tea on a wooden patio, with a rattan basket, comfy pillows, and balloons provided as part of this experience.

You can check this out with their Spring Picnic Season (RM260), which is inclusive of entrance fees (RM50/adult).

Cameron Highlands Flora Park - garden
Image credit: @ch_flora_park and @ch_flora_park

Scenic flower garden in Cameron Highlands

Now that we are able to travel again, local destinations such as Cameron Highlands have been welcoming back eager travellers looking to stretch their legs after various lockdown measures. And we’re sure that with its scenic views, this new flower garden in Cameron Highlands will be a treat for travellers.

Address: 16A Jalan Corina 13, Taman Desa Corina, 39010, Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands
Opening hours: 9:30AM-7PM, Daily
Telephone: 012-654 3657
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Cover image adapted from: @ch_flora_park, @ch_flora_park and @ch_flora_park

This article was published on 18th October 2021, and updated by Janet Cho on 1st April 2022.

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