Brixton 23 is a Kingsman-themed bar & tailor

We might get the occasional movie-themed cafes but few are as elaborate as Brixton 23 in KL. Step into this place and you’ll feel as if you’ve just entered the set of the Hollywood blockbuster film, Kingsman. This is sure to give you the complete secret British agent experience that you saw the movie’s hero Eggsy go through in the film — or at least come close to it.

An actual tailor and a hidden bar

If you’ve watched Kingsman, you’d know how luxurious the secret agent life can be. You’d need to look as dapper as Eggsy does and to help you achieve that, Brixton 23 offers tailoring services. Gentlemen who need a little sprucing up can get custom-made suits here.

Brixton23 Interior 3
Image credit: Brixton 23

Once you look dashing enough for a black tie affair, head to the stairway that takes you up to the establishment’s 2nd floor. Keep your eyes out for the secret entrance that’ll lead you into the hidden bar.

Luxurious British-style bar

The bar is decked out in elegant old-school decor that includes a whiskey display, and brown leather sofas for you to sink into. If you’re looking to get some privacy for confidential meetings, they also have private rooms for you to book for the evening.

Brixton23 Interior 2
Image credit: Brixton 23

Brixton23 Interior 4
Image credit: Brixton 23

Movie fans would want to order The Kingsman (RM55), one of their signature cocktails that’s made with whiskey. If that’s too strong for your palate, you can always go for Eggsy (RM48) as it’s sweet just like the character it’s named after.

The Kingsman cocktail
The Kingsman’s got a kick of spice to it
Image credit: @mywerkblog

If you want an atas night out, it doesn’t mean you can’t let loose and have fun. The bar has a beer pong table for you entertain yourself with, as well as a DJ console for some party vibes.

Brixton23 beer pong
Image credit: Brixton 23

Full-service restaurant

Besides being a tailor and a bar, Brixton 23 also has a food menu for those who want a more laid-back night out. You’ll be able to indulge in international fare that spans tapas like Smoked Cheese & Honey (RM35.80) and Western classics like salads, cold appetizers and hearty mains.

With its luxurious setting and decadent dishes, you could very well orchestrate an epic date night here.

2 dishes from Brixton 23
Smoked Chicken and Truffle Roulade (RM55.80) and Crowned Black Angus Tenderloin (RM128.80).
Image adapted from: Brixton 23

Kingsman-approved Brixton 23

Brixton 23 essentially serves as a one-stop establishment where aspiring agents can get dashing attire and delicious food, and end the night with whiskey and cocktails.

Whatever the case, we’re almost sure that Eggsy would feel right at home if he were to ever visit Brixton 23.

Address: 23, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Wilayah Persekutuan, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening hours: 12PM – 3PM
Contact: 012-507 8830

Cover image credit: Brixton 23


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