Miniature boba tea lip cream

It’s common knowledge that Malaysians love all things boba. We want it in all forms – from ice-cream, cake, manicures, to even home-made bubble tea, as our obsession with boba knows no boundaries.

And now, our boba tea fandom has extended to cosmetics because Monae Beauty has partnered with The Alley to come up with a miniature boba tea lip cream collection. Whether you’re a makeup lover or not, the packaging of these lip creams will tempt all boba enthusiasts to cop one just as a keepsake because they are so darn adorable. 

Limited-edition miniature boba milk tea lip cream

monae the alley boba lip cream
Image credit: @monaebeauty.official

Named Alley In Beautyland, this collection of lip creams is inspired by The Alley’s handcrafted drink packaging. 

There are two sets available that will satisfy both BBT and lipstick lovers. Set A (starting from RM15.50) comes with 1 cup of The Alley handcrafted drink and 1 miniature lip cream; Set B (RM69) comprises 4 miniature lip creams and a 10% lifetime discount card for The Alley, for your future boba tea buys.

monae the alley boba lip cream
Image credit: @cindychaii_98

Only Set B can be ordered straight from their website, while you can buy the digital voucher for both Sets A and B on Shopee, then claim it from any The Alley outlets in Malaysia. 

Alley In Beautyland lip cream collection comes in 8 shades 

monae the alley boba lip cream
Image credit: Monae

The Alley In Beautyland lip creams don’t only look good on the outside, they’re made with ingredients such as organic chia seed oil to keep your puckers moisturised. 

The lip creams come in 8 shades – from show-stopping reds to flattering nudes.

The best part is that Monae says the lip creams are transfer-resistant – an extremely important feature now that wearing a mask is mandatory in Malaysia.

Monae Beauty partners with The Alley 

The boba trend doesn’t seem to be fading any time soon. While these lip creams aren’t real boba (though you do get a cup of bubble tea along with them) nor will they taste like boba, they are a great keepsake for bubble tea lovers. 

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Cover image credit: @monaebeauty.official and @monaebeauty.official


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