The only banana popsicle that can be peeled

banana popsicle cover pic
Image adapted from: @ramiya._.a and Mey Eatery Journey

After the launch of Tealive x Wall’s bubble tea ice-cream that had Malaysians searching high and low for it, there’s now another convenience store treat that Malaysians are scrambling to get their hands on  – Pinkfong Wonderstar’s Split Ice Lolly. The name’s a mouthful, but it might ring a bell to a handful of us who grew up with this beloved banana popsicle.

It turns out that the first peel-able banana popsicle has returned to ice-cream coolers across convenience stores nationwide! Malaysians are so stoked about its revival that the popsicles are already sold out on Nestle’s site shortly after news broke. While you wait for stocks to replenish, here’s what you should know about the latest food craze in the country:

Banana and vanilla popsicle popular in other countries too

Although the banana popsicle had disappeared from our stores for some time, it recently made waves in Taiwan where it became a highly sought-after ice-cream treat.

banana popsicle (1)
Image adapted from: @ramiya._.a

Over there, Nestle marketed it as “BananaWow” while Malaysians might remember it simply as “Split”. However, it’s still the same popsicle that we all remember – banana-flavoured jelly peel with a creamy vanilla centre.

peeling the banana popsicle
Image adapted from: @117ing

The best way to enjoy this fun treat is to first take a bite so that it’s easier to peel the outer jelly layer.

banana popsicle (2)
Image credit: Mey Eatery Journey

After finding these banana popsicles in convenience stores, Malaysian netizens have been sharing their discovery online. A Facebook food page named Mey Eatery Journey posted the find back in 5th May 2020. From one of the photos taken, we can see that each popsicle goes for RM1.50, a pretty affordable treat for those looking to cool off during sunny days.

Already sold out on Nestle’s home delivery service

With the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) still in place, Nestle has arranged a delivery service so that we can get our favourite ice-creams sent to our doorstep. All we have to do is locate the authorised distributor according to our location, input our details, and pick the ice-creams we want.

Unfortunately, the Split popsicle is currently sold out in these areas: Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, and Klang. If you’re residing in other areas, you may try your luck and test your speedy fingers to check out your order before they’re grabbed by other vying customers.

banana popsicle sold out
Image adapted from: Nestle

Also, customers are currently only able to buy in bulk with each package containing 50 popsicles. Those with a big family or don’t mind giving some away to neighbors can consider getting it. After all, you’ll be paying 16 cents less than if you were to buy one in a convenience store. Plus, you’ll be entitled to free delivery as any orders exceeding RM50 will get the RM8 delivery fee waived.

Banana popsicle is the newest craze to hit

The return of Split has certainly made nostalgic Malaysians excited to relive their childhood memories. If you’d like to be one of them, then it’s best to quickly hunt them down in your nearest convenience stores or order them online.

With the country currently experiencing especially hot afternoons, these banana popsicles will definitely help give us a moment’s relief.

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