Only 7 active red zones remaining in Malaysia

7 active red zones left in MalaysiaImage adapted from: Harian Metro

Things have no doubt been difficult for many Malaysians during the Movement Control Order (MCO). But we’ve had plenty of silver linings – from clearer skies reported and our country’s stellar handling of COVID-19 that has won the praise of many near and far. 

Now Malaysia is reporting just 7 active red zones left in the country, as well as a recovery rate that’s at an impressive 80.8%. So while there’s still plenty to be done, there’s good news shoring up to continue to keep cheery about.

Decrease in new cases and active red zones

Malaysians saw the biggest decrease in new cases since the start of MCO on 13th May 2020 at a record breaking low of 16 new COVID-19 cases. On Saturday, 16th May, we saw a close repeat of that with just 17 additional new cases reported. 

Sunday, 17th May, didn’t stray too far from the pattern, with KKM reporting another low of 22 new cases, and just 3 districts having additional cases: 13 in KL, 8 in Selangor, and 1 in Pahang. 

COVID-19 cases during MCOAdditional COVID-19 cases drops during Conditional MCO
Image adapted from: KKM 

These low numbers see several red zones being reclassified as yellow and green zones, which is reflected by the number of active cases left in each district. 

Currently, there’s a staggering low of just 7 red zones remaining nationwide in Petaling, Batu, Ibu Kota, Kampung Baru, Pudu, Rembau, and Kuching. In total, there are 1,210 active cases left, as reported by KKM

To top it all off, red zones Petaling and Kuching are shy of just 7 cases to be reclassified as yellow zones. 

West Malaysia zones and cases
Red, yellow and green zones in West Malaysia as of 17th May 2020
Image credit:

Meanwhile, areas that once saw high numbers of active cases from clusters are now seeing yellow and green. Sri Petaling, which was an outbreak site of COVID-19 in Malaysia, is now reclassified as a yellow zone with just 30 active cases left. 

Hulu Langat, once the site with the most active cases in Selangor, is also a yellow zone after a peak of  511 active cases dwindled down to just 39 active cases left in the district. 

COVID-19 cases in East MalaysiaThere are now 121 green zones in Malaysia with 0 active cases
Image credit: @KKMPutrajaya 

Recovery rate reaches 80% in Malaysia

The good news doesn’t just stop at that. According to KKM, Malaysia is reporting an impressive 80.8% recovery rate, with 5,571 cases discharged from the total number of confirmed cases of 6,894, as of 17th May 2020. 

COVID-19 at a glance in MalaysiaImage adapted from: KKM 

There’s also 13 confirmed COVID-19 cases left receiving treatment in the ICU, 7 of which are on ventilator support. 

Malaysia shows signs of recovery with just 7 active red zones

We’re all counting down to the days when we can properly stretch our legs and be back to our usual routines. But these impressive numbers have taken us a long time to reach since the MCO was implemented on 18th March 2020.

Which is why we need to stay even more diligent to help keep COVID-19 off our streets by practicing social distancing and going out only when we need to so we can continue to see better days in Malaysia. 

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